Procedures at the Airport

Learn about the process of the airport boarding procedure if it is necessary on the day of boarding.

Primary examples of situations requiring the boarding procedure at the airport

  • If you have not completed your reservation, payment, or seat selection
  • If procedures done by staff such as confirmation of identification are necessary

Click here for details on means of identification

Primary examples of situation not requiring the boarding procedure at the airport

  • Passengers carrying out the procedure using SKiP Service (2D Barcode)

Learn about the SKiP Service here

STEP 1Before Going to the Airport

Have the items necessary for the boarding procedure ready.

One of the items below is required (if the purchase has been completed)

The card must be presented by the person named on the card.

Confirmation number and reservation number

e-Ticket receipt

If a fare requiring the submission of identification which can be used to verify things like the passenger's age is being used, have that means of identification ready in addition to one of the items above.

Click here for details on means of identification

STEP 2Boarding Procedure

There are 2 types of boarding methods.

Self service check-in machine

Self service check-in machine

All ANA self service check-in machines within airports can be used.

Learn How to Use Them Here

Airport Counter

Complete the procedure at the boarding procedure counter in the following instances.

  • You are using a Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare, award ticket, DO Senior 65, or DO Youth 25
  • In addition to use of 1 of the fares above, confirmation by staff of things like identification is required for the fare
  • Special assistance such as wheelchair use or AIRDO Kids is needed when boarding
  • A difference in the price of the fare from the time of payment and the time of boarding has occurred
  • You have forgotten an item necessary to the boarding procedure
  • Confirmation of official documentation to verify the passenger's identity is required. (passport, Alien registration card,etc.)

STEP3 Checking in Baggage

Passengers with baggage to check in should check it in prior to departure using the automated baggage check-in machine or the baggage counter.

Passengers with baggage

Automated Baggage Checking Machine

Baggage Counter

If you have baggage to check in, please check it with the "Automated Baggage Checking Machine" or the "Baggage Counter" before departure.

Click here for more baggage infomation

Passengers with no baggage

Proceed directly to the security inspection area.

STEP4 departure security inspection area

Complete the necessary procedures and pass through the security inspection area at least 20 minutes before flight departure time.

Hold your boarding pass's 2D Barcode over the reader in the security inspection area. A Security Certificate will be printed. Please keep a copy somewhere safe until arriving at the destination.

STEP5 boarding gate

Go to the boarding gate
at least 10 minutes before the departure time

The 2D Barcode that you held over the reader in the security inspection area is required for the reader at the boarding gate as well. A Boarding Information slip will be printed.

Bon Voyage!

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