Cookie Policy

1.About Our Use of Cookies

AIRDO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AIRDO") may use cookies to enhance the information and services provided to all users of this website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") and to improve the experience of using this website, which is managed and operated by AIRDO.

2.What Are Cookies?

Cookies have the function of allowing the user's device (whether a computer, tablet, or smartphone) to record information about the websites that the user visits. Each time a user visits a website, cookies recognize their device and save information about the time of the visit and other information related to the user. The information saved by cookies may include the user's IP address, device, and click history (i.e., the web pages the user has accessed). Cookies include session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the user closes their browser, and persistent cookies, which are stored by the browser for a predetermined period of time.

3.The Purposes of Using Cookies

AIRDO may use cookies for the following purposes.

  • To help AIRDO improve the operation, structure, and contents of this website
  • To provide and optimize services provided online and via mobile apps
  • To develop new services and applications for AIRDO group companies
  • To carry out marketing activities (including personalized advertising) that include various kinds of events and marketing promotions

4.Types of Cookies Used

The following is a list of the types of cookies used. To delete cookies, please follow the procedure described in "5. Disabling Cookies".

Essential cookies
Essential cookies are needed in order for online services to function. Essential cookies cannot be disabled. They are necessary in order to provide an effective and secure connection to online services, and they are used to ensure the optimal functioning of this website. Accessing this website causes essential cookies to be automatically saved to the user's device.
Analytics cookies
Analytics cookies collect information for the purpose of analyzing and providing statistics on how users use this website, including which pages they visit the most and the times they visit. They are also used for conducting user surveys and for collecting feedback from users related to the overall website and specific elements of the website. The information collected by analytics cookies helps AIRDO determine which parts of the website are of interest to users, and it helps us improve the quality of this website on the basis of those results.
Personalization cookies
Personalization cookies are used to display advertisements that match the user's individual interests when they browse the Internet. Cookies issued by other companies may be used to collect behavioral information or distribute advertisements through our website and services.

5.Disabling Cookies

You can change your web browser settings to disable cookies at any time, preventing cookies from being saved. However, if you change your cookie settings, some of the features of this website might not be usable or might not function correctly. Instructions on changing the settings for common web browsers are provided below.

PCs Smart devices
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mobile Chrome
Mobile Safari

6.Updates to Our Cookie Policy

If this Cookie Policy or the list of cookie types used by this website changes, AIRDO will revise this policy and the list of cookie types used. AIRDO will also revise the Cookie Policy posted on this website whenever such changes are made.

(Enacted October 3, 2022)