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As of 22:30 on 5 28, 2022, Japan Time

If any airport names are shown below, it is possible that flights with arrivals and departures at those airports may be delayed, canceled, or diverted to another airport due to bad weather.

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【Canceled Flight】
18 (Departure at 11:20 Sapporo / New Chitose⇒Tokyo / Haneda)
ADO 25 (Departure at 13:50 Tokyo / Haneda⇒Sapporo / New Chitose)
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When the delayed and cancelled caused by our convenience

【 Operation of May 29 】
Equipment change from "Boeing 767-300 (number of seats: 288 seats)" to "Boeing 737-700 (number of seats: 144 seats)".

ADO15 08:15 Tokyo/Haneda⇒Sapporo/New Chitose
ADO26 15:00 Sapporo/New Chitose⇒Tokyo/Haneda
ADO36 20:35
 Sapporo/New Chitose⇒Tokyo/Haneda

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

【 Requirements and requests to passengers traveling by plane for everyone's safety 】
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The next update is scheduled around 06:30 on May 29.