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As of 19:20 on 2 24, 2018, Japan Time

An unscheduled aircraft maintenance has occurred and we got unable to prepare the aircraft.
So, to our great regret, we decided some cancellations as below.

You can check the information of each flight in the "Flight Info " section above.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to our customers.

【 Canceled 】
AIRDO 29(Tokyo / Haneda⇒ Sapporo / New Chitose)
AIRDO 32(Sapporo/New Chitose ⇒ Tokyo/Haneda)
AIRDO 37( Tokyo / Haneda⇒ Sapporo / New Chitose)

【 Delayed 】
AIRDO 35(Tokyo / Haneda⇒ Sapporo / New Chitose)
AIRDO 38(Sapporo/New Chitose ⇒ Tokyo/Haneda)