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As of 21:25 on 12 14, 2019, Japan Time

If any airport names are shown below, it is possible that flights with arrivals and departures at those airports may be delayed, canceled, or diverted to another airport due to bad weather.

Flights are proceeding as planned.
Flights are proceeding as planned.
Flights are proceeding as planned.
Flights are proceeding as planned.
  • You can check the status of any flight using the “Flight Info” section above.

≪ The handlings of the flight ticket under the influence of snowfall ≫

On December 15, there may be snowfall around Sapporo/New Chitose airport, and flight operations might be affected.

【December 15】Sapporo / New Chitose : ADO 11

If you have flight tickets to or from the above airport on the day, you can change the reservations to our flights which have available seats, or you can receive refunds.
In this case, you don't have to pay any additional charges.
These are the same handlings as when flight delays and cancellations have really occurred.
If you need so, please check the "Reservation Changes and Refunds Due to Flight Delays and Cancellations"
Please check the latest information as the flight schedule may change.
You can check the information of each flight in the "Flight Info " section above.

【About Enhanced Security Measures at the Airport】
As security measures against aircraft terrorism, screenings before boarding for outerwears, shoes and explosives are enhanced, from 13, Sep, Fri.
These measures may make the security gate crowded, so please come to the airport with enough time.