Food and Drinks

Learn about AIRDO’s one-of-a-kind menus
which allow you to “taste” Hokkaido.

Pay Menu

Snacks, beer, and wine unique to Hokkaido are available for order. For passengers wishing to make an order, do not hesitate to inform the cabin crew once the seat belt sign has been turned off.

Sapporo Classic'18 Furano VINTAGE

Sapporo Classic; sold only in Hokkaido and brewed by Hokkaido's own Sapporo Beer."Furano VINTAGE" on sale for a limited time from November. Please enjoy a special classic that balanced the rich fragrance and refreshing aftertaste.Try it with Short Cheese cheese sticks or salted squid flavored-potato snack as a drinking snack.
※It is out of service from Dec 27,2018 to Jan 7,2019.

JPY 500

Sapporo Classic
Hakodate Wine     Red     Mini

Hakodate Wine Red Mini

A medium-bodied red wine made in Hokkaido; the perfect match with Hokkaido foods. Enjoy it together with Short Cheese cheese sticks as a drinking snack.

JPY 600

Free Menu

For the free menu as well, please tell the cabin crew what you would like to order once the seat belt sign has been turned off.

Leisurely In-Flight Breakfasts for Busy Mornings
Free Breakfast Service

We provide buns kneaded with jam with Haskap berry jam from Furano,Hokkaido.
Please enjoy the modest flavor of sweetness.

Available on limited flights: First flights of the day on the Sapporo-Tokyo route, weekdays only

  • Flight 12 departing from Sapporo, flight 11 departing from Tokyo*
  • It is out of service from Dec 27,2018 to Jan 7,2019.
Anniversary Blended Coffee

Anniversary Blended Coffee

This is an Anniversary Blended Coffee from Sapporo Coffee Kan.

onion  soup

Onion Soup

A popular flavor made using onions from Kitami, Hokkaido.

Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Natural spring water from Kamikawa, at the foot of the Daisetsuzan Mountains in Hokkaido.

Apple Drink

Apple Drink

This apple juice offers the gentle sweetness of apples and none of the sourness.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea

Cream Soda

Cream Soda(11/1~)

  • Service is not offered to sleeping passengers. Please ask for the service upon waking up.
  • All drinks from the free menu are brought to you in paper cups.
  • All drinks from the pay menu are brought to you in plastic cups.
  • The prices of all items on the pay menu include consumption tax.
  • Available after the seat belt sign has been turned off.
  • Please understand that there is a limit to the number of menu items and that they may be sold out.
  • Changes may be made to contents, brands, and prices.
  • Services may be unavailable due to flight conditions.
  • Please understand that sales may be discontinued without notice.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drinking by minors is prohibited by law.
  • The images above are for illustrative purposes only.