Aircraft Equipment and Seat Map
Boeing 767-300

BOEING 767-300ER

Seat Map

Number of seats: 288

288 seats

Number of seats: 270

270 seats

  • Seat without a window Seat without a window
  • Exit / emergency exit Exit / emergency exit
  • Seat with extra legroom Seat with extra legroom
  • Lavatory Lavatory
  • Lavatory (with diaper changing table) Lavatory (with diaper changing table)
  • Lavatory (wheelchair accessible) Lavatory (wheelchair accessible)
  • Emergency exit seat Emergency exit seat (Cooperation is requested in regard to assistance with evacuations, etc. in case of an emergency.)
  • Non-reclining seat Non-reclining seat
  • Limited recline seatLimited recline seat
  • Galley Galley

Aircraft Information

Total length
54.94 m
Total width
47.57 m
Total height
15.85 m
Maximum flying speed*
Approx. 13,150 m/h
Cruising speed*
Approx. 862 km/h

*Based on AIRDO flight parameters