Boarding Sequence

We will introduce AIRDO boarding instructions.


AIRDO flights will be boarding in following sequence. Please follow the guidance of gate staff and cooperate for smooth boarding.

Passengers who need assistance, please wait at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

Group 1

Group 1-2

Even if you have completed your reservation, you may be unable to board your flight if you do not come to the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before to departure.

  • Pre-boarding may not be available due to flight status, etc.
  • Boarding by group may be omitted depending on the number of passengers.

Boarding Groups

Depending on the aircraft model and your seat number, your boarding group will be automatically assigned as follows.

Aircraft Model Group1 Group2
B767-300 Row 20 and higher Row 19 and lower
B737-700 Window/Middle(A・B・E・F) Aisle(C・D)

How to check your Boarding Group

Your boarding group is printed on your boarding pass or security certificate. Please be careful not to misunderstand the boarding gate or seat number.