Online check-in

What is online check-in?

Online check-in is a service that can be used to complete boarding procedures and issue a boarding pass up to 24 hours prior to your flight's departure.

Boarding process

STEP1Please complete reservation, purchase, and seat selection

STEP2Online check-in, Getting a boarding pass

Available up to 24 hours prior to departure.





You can board using the 2D barcode displayed on your mobile device. (Cannot be printed).

If you receive your ticket by email: We will send, to the email address you registered, an email containing a link to a 2D barcode.
Please download and use the barcode from the link provided in that email.

Apple Wallet:You can add your mobile boarding pass to Apple's Wallet application for iPhone (iOS version 9.0 and above).

Recommended device environment
  • iPhone/iPad:safari
  • Android:chrome

Important information when printing
The 2D barcode must be printed on the boarding pass.

Print out your boarding pass and bring it with you on your day of departure.

STEP3Proceed to the security inspection

When you arrive at the airport, proceed directly to the security inspection
Please scan your boarding pass at the reader at least 20 min before departure time.

  • If you are checking-in baggage, please check them at the self-service baggage drop or the baggage counter before passing through the security inspection.

If you are using a smartphone, please take a screenshot of the boarding pass with the 2D barcode, and use this for the boarding process.

STEP4Proceed to the boarding gate

Pass through the boarding gate at least 10 min before your departure time.

  • Departure time is the time that the airplane begins to move.

Please see here for information regarding boarding order.

Online check-in is not available in the following cases

Online check-in may not be available depending on the fare type and reservation details.
Please complete the necessary procedures at the airport counter and clear the security inspection at least 20 min before departure.

Fares with which online check-in cannot be used

Fares Online check-in availability
Disability Discount Fare △※1
DOMIN Fare △※2
Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO △※3
DO Youth 25 △※4
DO Senior 65 △※4
Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare △※2
  1. *1 If a single reservation using the Disability Discount Fare includes 2 or more routes, online check-in can be used from the boarding of the second route using the same fare. However, if the flight was purchased at a travel agency or airport counter, online check-in can be used from the first route as long as it satisfies the conditions of online check-in.
  2. *2 If a single reservation using the DOMIN Fare, or the Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare includes 2 or more routes, online check-in can be used from the boarding of the second route using the same fare.
  3. *3 Online check-in is available for outbound flights as usual. For the return trip, online check-in is available after boarding the outbound flight.
  4. *4 Online check-in is only available for passengers who have registered their date of birth or registered their AIRDO card in My Page in advance. In addition to the above, if procedures done by staff such as confirmation of identification are necessary, online check-in cannot be used.

Cases when online check-in cannot be used

  • Passengers requiring assistance while boarding such as AIRDO Kids (children traveling alone) or passengers using wheelchairs
  • Passengers using group fares

Online check-in cannot be used in other cases such as those where boarding procedures have been suspended due to changes in aircraft or bad weather.


  • If you cancel your reservation after checking in online, your reserved seat will be cancelled at the same time. Please reselect your seat when you check in online again.
  • Changes to reservations cannot be made after online check-in is completed. To make changes, please cancel the online check-in first.
  • Online check-in and cancellation of online check-in are not available at the Reservation and Information Center. Passengers are requested to complete the procedures themselves.