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AIRDO Stainless Steel Tumbler
JPY 2,000

AIRDO Stainless Steel Tumbler NEW

size: 8.6 cm in diameter, 12 cm tall  Volume: 430 ml

AIRDO Stainless Steel Tumbler
JPY 2,000

A convenient and portable break time companion

This stainless steel tumbler keeps contents warm or cold and comes with a lid for a spill-resistant design. Perfect for getting coffee from the convenience store. Why not relax and take a little break with BearDo?

size: 8.6 cm in diameter, 12 cm tall
Volume: 430 ml

BearDo Mascot
JPY 1,000

Our BearDo mascot in a more portable size.

Introducing a smaller BearDo that fits in the palm of your hand. It has a ball chain attached, so you can hang it from your bag or other items when you go out. It can both stand and sit, and it adds a calming presence to your living room or bedroom.

size: 14-15cm in total length

Jagahokkori Kyushu Soy Sauce, 40 g
JPY 200

Enjoy this Kyushu-exclusive snack during your flight.

A famous Kyushu snack is now available to commemorate our inaugural Fukuoka flight. Thickly sliced Japan-grown potatoes seasoned with Kyushu's distinctive sweet soy sauce make this crunchy snack irresistible.

Contents: 40 g
Package size: 15 cm tall × 15 cm wide × 7.7 cm deep

  • This item should be taken home and enjoyed there.

JPY 2,000

Item Commemorating the Maiden Voyage of ROKONJET HOKKAIDO

Introducing the aprons worn by the cabin crew aboard ROKONJET HOKKAIDO. It features an adorable design with the Pokemon Alolan Vulpix and Vulpix peeking out of the pockets. The neck has button holes so that the length can be adjusted.


Reusable Shopping Bag (Standard Size)
JPY 800

A Generously Sized Reusable Shopping Bag

Introducing a convenient reusable shopping bag for everyday shopping. With an extra wide bottom, it will surely come in handy at the supermarket. Even better when paired with a pocket-sized reusable shopping bag!

Size: About 60 cm tall in total × 35 cm wide × 15 cm deep (handle length about 22 cm)
Piping color: green

Pocked-Sized Reusable Shopping Bag
JPY 700

A Ready to Use Reusable Shopping Bag the Size of a Convenience Store Shopping Bag

Introducing a reusable shopping bag the size of a convenience store shopping bag, decorated with a pattern of BearDo silhouettes and stars. Small enough to fit in your pocket when folded. Wide enough to be used for takeout meals.

Size: About 42 cm tall in total × 26 cm wide × 16 cm deep(handle length about 14 cm)
Piping color: light blue

Skin care oil set
JPY 1,000

Gently melted, moist and refreshing horse oil

This highly moisturizing skin care oil contains only natural ingredients, such as horse oil and beeswax. Hokkaido Junbayu Hompo makes it with care using a high-concentration purification technique. Use it for moisturizing after a bath or after shaving (for men). It is safe for infants as well.

Contents: 5 items (1 each of natural, grapefruit, Damascus rose, lavender, and peppermint)
Package size: About 4.5 cm in diameter; outer box about 11.2 cm long × about 11.2 cm wide × about 2.2 cm deep

AIRDO Drip Coffee and Coffee Chocolate
JPY 1,000

A fragrant AIRDO limited coffee and chocolate set

The original blended coffee from <Coffee Sapporo Coffee Kan>, which is popular for its drink service, is now available as a drip type!Cafe chocolate is based on Brazilian beans roasted over a charcoal grill and has cacao nibs added. A bite-sized chocolate with a crunchy texture.

Contents: 3 original blended coffee + 72g cafe chocolate (standard 18 pieces)
Package size: length 14.5 cm x width 27.4 cm x height 3 cm

  • This item should be taken home and enjoyed there.

AIRDO Original Drip Blend Cafe
JPY 500

Enjoy a relaxing moment with our special coffee.

This is a special charcoal-roasted drip coffee blend prepared by Sapporo Coffee-Kan for AIRDO. Enjoy its rich aroma and balanced flavor. Perfect for a relaxing time.

Contents: 10 g × 3 packets of original coffee blend
Package size: 12.8 cm tall × 11 cm wide

Scallop Soup
JPY 800

This popular soup, full of the rich flavor of scallops, makes its long-awaited commercial debut!

Made with Hokkaido scallops, this soup became extremely popular as an in-flight drink. In response to many enthusiastic requests, it is finally available as an in-flight shopping item beginning in October! Open up the original outer package and you'll find...

Contents: 5 g × 8 packages × 2 boxes
Package size: 14 cm tall × 15 cm wide × 3.5 cm deep

  • This item should be taken home and enjoyed there.

Hokkaido Soup Set, Two Flavors (Onion and Potato Butter)
JPY 1,000

Soup with the intense flavor of Hokkaido vegetables

This double soup set includes onion soup packed with the rich, sweet flavor of Kitami Onions and potato butter soup with the sweet taste of Hokkaido potatoes infused with butter. Have it for breakfast or use it as a secret ingredient in your cooking.

Contents: Onion 5 g × 16 packs, potato butter 5 g × 16 packs
Package size: About 13.5 cm tall × about 15.3 cm wide × about 4.7 cm thick

  • This item should be taken home and eaten there.

Onion Soup
JPY 500

Richly flavored with onions from the Kitami region of Hokkaido

Onion soup including approximately 50% powdered extract from Kitami Onions--the most widely produced onion in Japan--and packed with their richness and sweetness. Also works great in place of consommé.

Contents: Onion 5 g × 15 packs
Package size: About 13.2 cm tall × about 8.2 cm wide × about 4.2 cm thick

  • This item should be taken home and eaten there.
  • Only cash is accepted as payment. If you present your AIRDO Card to the flight attendant when you make your in-flight purchase, you will receive the following discount from the total amount.
    For total amounts of JPY 500 - 1,000, JPY 100 off. For total amounts of JPY 1,001 - 2,000, JPY 200 off. For total amounts of JPY 2,001 - 3,000, JPY 300 off. The discount increases by JPY 100 for every additional JPY 1,000 spent.
  • Products for sale may change without notice.
  • The prices of all products include consumption tax.
  • Props shown within the pictures are not included with sale items.
  • The actual product may differ from that shown in the picture.
  • There is a limit to the number of items for sale. Please understand that as a result, they may be sold out.
  • If you need information on food allergies sold on board,ask a flight attendant.
  • Sales might be suspended as a measure to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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