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AIRDO × Chikazawa Lace-lined Towel Handkerchief Set
JPY 3,500

A Collaboration with Chikazawa Lace, A Company That's Hot on Social Media!

Announcing a hand towel product collaboration with Chikazawa Lace, whose playful lace designs have gone viral on social media! The lace portions are carefully crafted by artists on manual sewing machines one at a time with designs that include BearDo, airplanes, clouds, and the phrase "Let's go."

Contents: 1 blue hand towel, 1 yellow hand towel
Size: 23cm×23cm

Mascot BearDo (Spring/Summer version)
JPY 1,000

Introducing our BearDo Mascot in Fresh Spring-Summer Attire!

When the weather is warmer, every day is ideal for travel. Enjoy your spring and summer flights with BearDo dressed in a fresh new shirt with light blue stripes. A ball chain is attached for a variety of uses, such as a charm for your bag or a key chain. You can pose it to make it stand or sit.

Size: 14-15 cm in overall length

Somès Saddle Freund Ballpoint Pen
JPY 5,000 each

Leather-wrapped ballpoint pen produced using harness-making techniques

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of AIRDO operations, we have launched a collaboration with Somès Saddle. Each of these cow leather-wrapped ballpoint pens is carefully hand-made-something that Somès Saddle has been particular about since its founding. The more you use it, the more you will cherish it and use it for a long time. Available in your choice of three colors: greige, dark green, or burgundy.

Size: 14 cm  Material: Cow leather
Colors (three): Greige, dark green, burgundy
Built-in ink reservoir: Ballpoint pen ink reservoir, black, 0.7 mm

  • You can use Parker-compatible pen refills, which are sold by various manufacturers.

25th Anniversary Pin Badge Collection
JPY 2,000

Wingtip Pin Badge Collection

Did you know that the wingtips of AIRDO Boeing 737-700 airplanes feature a variety of BearDo designs? We've assembled a collection of pin badges with designs from eight aircraft. The top shows the aircraft number, and the back has a 25th anniversary engraving. Please enjoy them as an air travel souvenir.

Contents: 8 badges
Package size: 15.1 cm long × 21.3 cm wide × 2.2 cm high
Size: 2.3 cm long × 2 cm wide

Premium BearDo to Commemorate 25th Anniversary
JPY 2,000

Special Version of Our Very Popular BearDo

Our BearDo plush toy, which has been popular since AIRDO began operating, is now available as a premium BearDo. With its soft and fluffy fur and big round eyes that comfort passengers, BearDo has been a hit product since its release! This special BearDo is available for a limited time only. Available while supplies last.

Size: 25 cm in overall length, 17 cm when seated

JPY 2,000

Item Commemorating the Maiden Voyage of ROKONJET HOKKAIDO

Introducing the aprons worn by the cabin crew aboard ROKONJET HOKKAIDO. It features an adorable design with the Pokemon Alolan Vulpix and Vulpix peeking out of the pockets. The neck has button holes so that the length can be adjusted.


JPY 1,000

©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Size: Total length approximately 9cm
Power: Pullback method

Scallop Soup
JPY 800

A popular soup filled with the flavor of scallops!

This soup is filled with Hokkaido scallop extract. You will find its flavor irresistible from the first sip. It is a popular beverage service option on AIRDO flights. Like the onion soup, this soup powder can be used as a seasoning. The AIRDO-exclusive original packaging is also very popular.

Contents: 5 g × 8 packs × 2 boxes
Package size: 14 cm tall × 15 cm wide × 3.5 cm thick

  • This item should be taken home and eaten there.

Onion Soup
JPY 500

Soup with the concentrated flavor and aroma of Kitami onions

Onion soup made from Kitami onions grown in Kitami, Japan's top onion-producing region. This soup is a longtime beverage service favorite on AIRDO flights. The soup powder can also be used as a seasoning at home. The small package and sticks feature an AIRDO-original design. Individual sticks can be given out as souvenirs!

Contents: 5 g × 8 packs × 2 boxes
Package size: 14 cm tall × 15 cm wide × 3.5 cm thick

  • This item should be taken home and eaten there.

Hokkaido Soup Set, Four Flavors
JPY 1,000

Richly flavored soups made with Hokkaido ingredients

Contains four varieties of soup: onion soup made with Kitami onions, burdock root soup with a hint of ginger, potato butter soup with a buttery flavor, and carrot soup with a delicate sweetness. All are made with plentiful Hokkaido-grown vegetables. This is a special AIRDO-original set.

Contents: Onion, burdock root, potato butter, and carrot soup, each 5 g × 8 packs
Package size: 14 cm tall × 29.5 cm wide × 3.5 cm thick

  • This item should be taken home and eaten there.
  • Only cash is accepted as payment. If you present your AIRDO Card to the flight attendant when you make your in-flight purchase, you will receive the following discount from the total amount.
    For total amounts of JPY 500 - 1,000, JPY 100 off. For total amounts of JPY 1,001 - 2,000, JPY 200 off. For total amounts of JPY 2,001 - 3,000, JPY 300 off. The discount increases by JPY 100 for every additional JPY 1,000 spent.
  • Products for sale may change without notice.
  • The prices of all products include consumption tax.
  • Props shown within the pictures are not included with sale items.
  • The actual product may differ from that shown in the picture.
  • There is a limit to the number of items for sale. Please understand that as a result, they may be sold out.
  • If you need information on food allergies sold on board,ask a flight attendant.

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