Website Terms of Use

AIRDO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AIRDO") hereby sets forth the handling of information of the website operated by AIRDO (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") based on the "Privacy Policy". AIRDO shall endeavor to operate and manage the Website so that customers can use it with a sense of security.

1. Application of the Terms of Use

  1. The Website terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to the use of information service using the Website and various internet services provided by AIRDO (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Service"). AIRDO sets up the links of the websites operated by other companies to provide the information and services that are useful to customers. Regarding the handling of personal information of the linked websites, please check the privacy policies of the linked websites.
  2. Various provisions AIRDO may specify separately from the Terms will each constitute a part of the Terms.
  3. If any provision in the preceding paragraph is inconsistent with the corresponding provision of the Terms, the provision of the Terms will prevail.
  4. Customers using the Website shall be deemed to have fully understood and agreed to the Terms.

2. Changes to Terms of Use

  1. These terms of use are subject to change by AIRDO without obtaining the consent of our customers.
  2. After these terms of use are changed, the changes take effect as of the moment they appear on the website, with the exception of any terms instituted separately by AIRDO.

3. Website Browsing Environment

  1. You must provide at your own responsibility and expense all communications equipment, software, telephone service agreement, Internet access agreement, etc., needed to use the Service. You are also responsible for the payment of communication charges, connection fees, etc., incurred in connection with the use of the Service.
  2. The recommended environment for the Website shall be presented separately on the Website.

4. Personal Information

AIRDO handles the customer's personal data based on the Privacy Policy presented separately, and the customer is asked to fully understand and agree to this policy before using the Service.

5. Security

When receiving personal information from customers, AIRDO shall ensure safety by encrypting personal information through encryption technology SSL (secure sockets layer) or applying a security technology equivalent to SSL, to prevent unauthorized access by a third party during communication. Furthermore, AIRDO shall endeavor to ensure the safety of the personal information of customers by establishing firewall, preparing against computer virus, and taking other reasonable security measures in order to prevent leakage, diversion, falsification, etc. of personal information resulting from unauthorized access by a third party.

6. Collection and Use of Browsing Information

  1. When customers use the Website, AIRDO shall collect and use Cookies and portable device individual identification numbers within the scope necessary for provision of proper information and improvement of services, etc.
    (i) Login to services for My AIRDO members
    (ii) Setting information of the Website
    (iii) Registration information for various campaigns, etc.
    (iv) Browsing history information
    (v) Improving AIRDO services
    (vi) Surveying numbers of users and traffic of the AIRDO Website
    (vii) Display of advertisements on the other websites
    As for Cookies, customers may independently reject Cookies in their internet browsing software (browser) settings at any time. Nevertheless, this may have effects such as losing the ability to use part of the services.
  2. AIRDO shall be able to provide information collected through Cookies to third parties entrusted with the transmission of AIRDO advertisements, and in some cases AIRDO's Cookies may be acquired and used via a third party. In such cases, the relevant cookie information, etc. that has been acquired by the third party shall be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the third party.
  3. Customers shall be able to independently select whether to enable or disable Cookies, and shall set the Cookies in accordance with the method of setting the web browser used by customers. In the case where the customers use the Website with Cookies, the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the fact that AIRDO uses the information in which the customer used the Website.
  4. AIRDO shall acquire the following information in order to deliver e-mails to customers.
    (i) Status of HTML e-mail opening or previewing
    (ii) Information on access to the Website via e-mail (HTML e-mail and text e-mail)

7. Shutoff/Temporary Suspension/Change of/to the Site

  1. AIRDO may end any part of the Service without giving a prior notice to the customer.
  2. AIRDO assumes no responsibility for any disadvantage or loss suffered by the customer in connection with the change, etc., in the preceding paragraph.
  3. If any of the following reasons exists, AIRDO may temporarily suspend or shut off the Service, in part or in whole, without giving a prior notice to the customer:
    (1) To conduct periodic or emergency maintenance/inspection or update of any equipment or system used to provide each service.
    (2) Providing each service is difficult due to fire, power outage, act of God or any other force majeure.
    (3) Service by class 1 telecommunications carrier is not provided.
    (4) AIRDO has otherwise determined that each service must be temporarily suspended or shut off, or providing each service is difficult, for operational or technical reasons.
  4. AIRDO assumes no responsibility for any disadvantage or loss suffered by the user or a third party as a result of temporary suspension, shutoff, etc., of each service.

8. User's Obligations/Responsibilities

When using the Service, customers must not perform any of the following acts.

  1. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any right of AIRDO or its affiliate, etc.
  2. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property of AIRDO or its affiliate, etc.
  3. An act of actually or potentially inflicting any loss on AIRDO or its affiliate, etc., in addition to what is classified under (1) or (2) above.
  4. An act of illegally using any ID or password on the AIRDO Website.
  5. An act of illegally using any third-party ID or password.
  6. An act of transferring one's ID or password to a third party or allowing its use by a third party.
  7. An act of using or providing any computer virus or other harmful program through or in connection with the Service.
  8. An act of using the Service through illegal use of a credit card.
  9. An act of submitting any false or unreasonable request for reservation, etc.
  10. An act of completing the My AIRDO member registration or submitting a reservation request on behalf of other person without the person's approval.
  11. An act of actually or potentially interfering with the operation of the Service in an unreasonable manner, thereby causing disadvantage to AIRDO.
  12. An act of infringing upon any intellectual property right such as copyright, or any other right, of AIRDO or a third party.
  13. An act of slandering/defaming or tarnishing the honor or credibility of AIRDO or a third party.
  14. An act of interfering with the use of the Service by other user.
  15. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property, privacy, portrait right or publicity right of AIRDO or a third party.
  16. An act of running or participating in a political campaign or other similar activity during and outside the political campaign period.
  17. An act of actually or potentially violating the public order and moral.
  18. An act of actually or potentially violating the law.
  19. A criminal act, an act that leads to a criminal act, or could potentially lead to a criminal act.
  20. Other acts deemed inappropriate by AIRDO.

9. Handling of Problems Attributable to the User

  1. If AIRDO or its affiliate incurs any loss as a result of an act against the Terms herein or fraudulent or illegal act on the part of the customer, the customer may be asked to compensate for the loss.
  2. AIRDO assumes no responsibility for any conflict arising between the customer and a third party, or loss inflicted by the customer on a third party, as it will be resolved at the responsibility and expense of the customer.

10. Indemnity

  1. AIRDO strives to provide reliable information to the users, but AIRDO does not guarantee the quality of service in terms of compliance, integrity, accuracy, security, legality, recency and any other aspect of information.
  2. All users are asked to use the AIRDO Website at their own responsibility.
  3. AIRDO assumes no responsibility for any loss arising out or of in connection with use or inability to use the AIRDO Website, except when the loss is attributable to an intentional act or gross negligence on the part of AIRDO.
  4. The customer agrees that the legal liability including defect warranty pertaining to any service, product, etc., provided by an affiliate, etc., under the Service (hereinafter referred to "Other Company's Service, Etc.") belongs to the affiliate, etc., that provided the Other Company's Service, etc.
  5. AIRDO assumes no responsibility for any and all losses resulting from any software or hardware accident arising out of or in connection with use of the AIRDO Website, failure of the communication environment, trouble arising between the customer and a third party, or any other accident.

11. Intellectual Property Rights (Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.)

  1. All copyrighted works, images, characters, marks and other information are properties in or to which AIRDO or their respective providers have a copyright or other intellectual property right or other right of use or any other right. Downloading, printing or otherwise reproducing the AIRDO Website is permitted only for private use by an individual or at home. Using (copying, uploading, featuring, quoting, etc.) any of the information and programs within the AIRDO Website on other websites or in other printed matters shall be prohibited. Also, using without permission any of the contents featured on the AIRDO Website beyond the extent permitted by the Copyright Act shall be prohibited.
  2. All rights to or in the trademarks and service marks displayed on the AIRDO Website belong to the rights holders who are authorized by AIRDO to use these marks.

12. Links from the Provider's Site

If you wish to provide a link to the AIRDO Website from the Provider's site, please see "Links to the Website".

13. Individual Terms of Use for AIRDO Services

The use of AIRDO's service, including reservations, reservation changes, and cancellations, must be done in accordance with the individual terms of use specified separately by AIRDO and by affiliated companies.

14. Governing law, Conflict Resolution, and Jurisdiction Court

  1. Conclusion, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of any agreement pertaining to the Terms and Use of the Service are governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. If a conflict arises between AIRDO or its affiliate, etc., and the customer in connection with any agreement pertaining to the Terms or Use of the Service, the parties will discuss in good faith and strive to resolve the conflict.
  3. It is agreed that if a conflict arises with AIRDO regarding the Terms or Use of the Service, the district court with jurisdiction over the AIRDO Headquarter will serve as the court of the exclusive jurisdiction.

September 1, 2017
AIRDO Co., Ltd.