Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare

Passengers with a foreign passport and an international ticket for departure from/arrival to Japan may receive this value fare.

Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare


All AIRDO routes
Jan 30th - Feb 22nd Feb 23rd - Feb 25th Feb 26th - Feb 29th Mar 1st - Mar 14th Mar 15th - Mar 30th Mar 31st - Apr 7th Apr 8th - Apr 25th
JPY 10,000 JPY 12,000 JPY 10,000 JPY 12,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 10,000
Apr 26th - May 6th May 7th - May 30th May 31st - Jul 11th Jul 12th - Sep 1st Sep 2nd - Oct 14th Oct 15th - Oct 26th
JPY 15,000 JPY 10,000 JPY 12,000 JPY 15,000 JPY 12,000 JPY 10,000
  • Eligible routes: All AIRDO routes
  • Additional airport fees may apply.


Residence Outside Japan

Non-Japanese passport required at time of boarding.

Using International Flights

Applicable to passengers using international flights in any class on any airline to and from Japan.

Upon request, Passengers must present their non-Japanese passport. Additionally, the international flight information (e-Ticket itinerary / receipt) to and from Japan must be presented at check-in for domestic flights.

Terms and Conditions

Children/Infant Discounts

No discount applies to children (same as for adults). Free of charge for infants under the age of 3 and not occupying a seat.

Reservation and Purchasing Period

Valid from the date specified by AIRDO

Payment Deadline

Date of Reservation Payment Deadline
Over 5 days prior to the boarding date Within 4 days including the date of reservation
Between 4 days and 1 day prior to the boarding date 1 day prior to the boarding date
  • When reserving multiple flights which have different payment deadlines, the earliest payment deadline will be applied to the entire reservation.


The reservation and the name of the passenger cannot be changed. Even if seats are available on an earlier flight to the same destination on the departure date, changes cannot be made.

Limitation of Available Seats

The availability of this fare is limited on each flight (it may also not be available on certain flights).


Refundable within 30 days after the ticket's validity. Fees (refund fee and cancellation fee) will be applied.

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