Ticket reservation・The date of start selling

Specific flight discount fares become available during each scheduling period (twice a year).

Applicable Boarding Period and Dates of Availability

Boarding period sale period subjected fares
Flights boarding untill Mar 28,2019 Aug 27,2020 ~ One way,Child,Round trip
Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare,Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO,DOMIN Fares,DO Senior 60,Disability Discount Fare,MICE Discount Fare,AIRDO Special 75・55・45・28・21,DO Value 3・1,Specific Flight Children Discount Fare,Shareholder's Benefit Fare,Award Ticket
Flights boarding after Mar 28,2019 Scheduled for late January 2020.


  1. What does "fares become available during each scheduling period" mean?
    It means that we begin accepting reservations for these flights all at the same time, at fixed intervals (of about half a year) that occur twice a year. We accept reservations a maximum of seven to nine months in advance.
  2. When is the earliest I can pay?
    We accept payment at the same time we accept reservations. You must pay by the purchasing deadline.
  3. Are all fares made available during each scheduling period?
    All fares for each flight will be relesed simultaniously and term by term among schedule period.
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  4. Can I make a reservation for round trip flights?
    Yes, you can.