Same-day reservations and reservation changes offered for your convenience. Available for business travelers as well.


DOMIN and AIRDO, a valuable friendship!
Here are the rates available for DOMIN fares!

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Taking Advantage of DOMIN Fares

For last-minute business trips and outings!

DOMIN fares can be reserved up to the day of your departure!

For sudden, spur-of-the-moment vacations!

DOMIN fares offer discounts up to the day of your departure

For making reservations you might want to change later!

DOMIN fares let you change your reservation as often as you need to!

Who Can Use DOMIN Fares?

You need to be registered as a DOMIN member. My AIRDO members who meet any of the following requirements can register as DOMIN members.

  • People who live in Hokkaido
  • People whose family register is in Hokkaido
  • People who work for a company headquartered in Hokkaido

How to Use DOMIN Fares

Enroll as a My AIRDO member.

Enroll as a DOMIN member and receive a "temporary" member number.

Even if you don't plan to use it immediately, registering as a DOMIN member will come in handy if you ever suddenly need to use the DOMIN fare discount.

(Reserve/purchase your airplane ticket.)

Show your certificate at the airport on the day of your flight to receive "permanent" registration. You must complete this process before your "temporary" member number expires (within 1 year of the date of registration).

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