Official Documents

When presenting an official document, you must present the original.

Official document AIRDO Skymate (Youth Special)
DO Senior 60
Senior 65 Special
Permanent registration and updating of DOMIN membership*
Certification of current address Certification of registered domicile
Driver's license (with IC chip) ×
Passport *1
Health insurance certificate *1 ×
Resident card *2 *2, 3
Copy of family register (certified copy) *2 *2
Certificate of city, town, village, or ward residence ×
Pension book (basic pension number notification document) *1, 4 ×
Physical disability certificate
War injury certificate
Rehabilitation certificate
Mental disability certificate ×
Alien registration card ×
Basic resident registration card ×
Individual number card (with photo) ×
Student ID *1 ×
Company ID × *1, 5 ×
Other certificate Acceptable only for certificates issued by a public institution that contain information necessary for identification and can be verified as belonging to the bearer

* Please bring some official documents which your current address, or your registered domicile is listed with you.
*1 The address can be hand-written.
*2 Must have been issued within the past three months.
*3 Must indicate the bearer's registered domicile.
*4 Must indicate the bearer's address.
*5 Must indicate the company headquarters' address if used to certify the address of the company headquarters (in Hokkaido) where the bearer is employed.