Privacy Policy

Policies regarding protection of personal information

AIRDO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AIRDO") shall handle personal information based on the following policies, considering the importance of personal information and deeply recognizing that appropriately protecting personal information is AIRDO's social responsibility.

1. Application

The Privacy Policy explains how personal information is utilized by AIRDO, and shall be applied to all the customers who use AIRDO's services and products. Customers shall be deemed to have fully understood and agreed to this Privacy Policy.

2. Proper appropriate acquisition

AIRDO will obtain the following personal information by appropriate means to the extent necessary for operations for the purpose of achieving the below mentioned purposes.

  1. Personal information provided to AIRDO by the customer to apply for AIRDO's services, etc.
    The customer's name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, business contact, mailing address, and need for wheelchair and other special arrangements.
  2. Information on My AIRDO membership and information related to the usage of applicable services
    Point history, flight reservation/cancellation information, boarding history, etc.

AIRDO will never obtain and use sensitive personal information of Customers, such as information on race, beliefs, social standing, history of illness, crime records, and history of having been afflicted by crime, unless required by laws and regulations or by the consent of the customer.

3. Purposes of using personal information

The personal information obtained from customers shall be utilized for the following purposes.

  1. Reservations, ticket sales, check-in, airport services, and in-flight services with regard to air transport services
  2. Reservations, ticket sales, check-in, and airport services for interline transportation, joint acceptance of carriage, successive carriage and consigned carriage
  3. Provision of services through My AIRDO
  4. Guidance, provision, and management of other services and products offered by AIRDO
  5. All operations incidental or related to the above (1) - (4)
  6. Implementation of questionnaires concerning service and products, etc., offered by AIRDO
  7. Development of new services and products
  8. Guidance, operation, management and information provision for various events and campaigns
  9. Notification of services and products offered by AIRDO
  10. Response to inquiries and requests

4. Customer choice

As a rule, when a customer provides personal information with AIRDO, that customer does so intentionally. If the customer is unable to provide personal information, it is possible that the customer will be unable to use the various services offered by AIRDO or that some system functions will not work, making the customer unable to use the function in question; and the customer might be at a disadvantage, such as being unable to receive promotional information and other information from AIRDO. Customers are able to change customer contact information and their willingness to receive promotional information at any time by following a procedure established separately by AIRDO.

5. Restrictions on disclosure and provision of information to third parties

AIRDO will not disclose or provide personal customer information to any third parties except under the following circumstances. Note that provision of information to business entrusted companies is not deemed to constitute disclosure or provision to third parties.

  1. Customer consent has been obtained.
  2. Disclosure or provision is required based on laws or regulations.
  3. Disclosure is required to protect human life, health, or property in cases where obtaining customer consent is difficult.
  4. Disclosure is required to cooperate with the public affairs of national or local governments, and when obtaining customer consent is likely to hinder the administration of public affairs.
  5. In providing the information, provision of personal data identifying the individual to a third party has been stopped, in accordance with the request of the individual, under the condition that the following information can be notified to the customers or easily checked by the customers.
    (1) The purpose of obtaining information is to provide such information to a third party
    (2) Specific personal data items to be provided to a third party
    (3) The means by which such personal information is provided to a third party
    (4) The fact that AIRDO will stop sharing information with third parties if the customer submits a request
    (5) The procedure by which AIRDO will accept a request from the customer
  6. Disclosure or provision of information as statistical data in a format that does not disclose the customer's identity
  7. Provision of information as a result of the succession of business due to a merger, company split, transfer of business or otherwise

6. Business entrustment

AIRDO may entrust a part of the business operations to third parties to which personal information may also be disclosed to the extent necessary. In these cases, AIRDO will implement all appropriate measures in supervising such third parties, including establishing agreements on the handling of such personal information.

7. Sending information outside Japan

If AIRDO shares the personal information of a customer with a business or other third party outside Japan, including business contractors, then AIRDO will take all necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with the provisions established by laws and regulations.

8. Management of personal information

AIRDO will appropriately manage customers' personal information, take the security control measures to prevent leaks, loss, or alterations, and appropriately handle such information. An appropriate retention period for personal information will be established in accordance with the purpose for which such information is used. After the expiration of the retention period, AIRDO will dispose of the information in question by appropriate methods.

9. Disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, discontinuance, and erasure

If AIRDO receives a request from customer themselves, submitted in the manner specified, for the [1] disclosure, [2] correction, addition, or deletion [3] discontinuance or erasure of the personal information held by customers, the request will be handled as follows, within a reasonable timeframe and scope, after confirming that the request was submitted by the customer themselves. Nevertheless, in the case where; the identity confirmation of the requester cannot be obtained; there is a risk of damaging the human life, health, or property of the individual in question or a third party; there will be a major hindrance to AIRDO's operations; or there will be a violation of laws and ordinances, AIRDO may refuse all or part of the relevant requests.

  1. Disclosure
    The data shall be disclosed after an investigation of the content of the request.
  2. Correction, addition, or deletion
    The data shall be corrected, etc. after an investigation of content of the request.
  3. Discontinuance
    Use, etc. of the data shall be suspended or the data shall be erased after an investigation of the content of the request. Nevertheless, AIRDO may unintentionally lose the ability to provide services in accordance with needs due to discontinuance and erasure, and this should be noted before requesting the above.

10. Procedure for submitting inquiries and requests, including disclosure requests

Disclosure requests for customer information and other inquiries pertaining to personal information will be accepted as follows. However, please note that such requests and inquiries will be declined if AIRDO cannot confirm that the request or inquiry is being made by the customer to whom that information belongs. AIRDO will endeavor to process all complaints, feedback, and other inquiries it receives in an appropriate and speedy manner.

  1. Checking reservations and boarding within the scope of normal service
    Such inquiries can be done by accessing My AIRDO → My Page on the AIRDO website or by calling the Reservation and Information Center. +81-3-6741-1122/+81-11-707-1122
  2. Changing information registered in your My AIRDO account
    Access My AIRDO → My Page or call the My AIRDO desk. The number is +81-3-6277-2830 (Navi Dial 0570-200-785, only available within Japan). Note: Service is available in Japanese only.
  3. Address for disclosure requests
    Haneda Airport Terminal 1, 3-3-2 Hanedakuko, Otaku, Tokyo 144-0041
    Box 31, Post Office, Haneda Airport
    Attn: Personal Information Disclosure Request Service Desk, AIRDO Co., Ltd.
    Disclosure procedure
    Fill out all specified sections of one of the forms listed under item (2) below, selected according to the request type. Then send the form to the address provided in section 3 above together with one of the documents described in item (3) below to verify your identity. Please be aware that if any information is missing, we will be unable to accommodate your request. The cost of postage and fees required to obtain verification documents must be paid by the applicant.
    Request forms (Japanese only)
    Disclosure Request Form (PDF format)
    Change Request Form (PDF format)
    Usage Stop Request Form (PDF format)
    Usage Purpose Notification Request Form (PDF format)
    Identification verification documents
    If the request is by the person to whom the information belongs
    A copy of any of the following: driver's license, passport, health insurance card, basic resident register card with photograph, pension book, physical disability certificate, residence card or special permanent resident certificate, certificate of registered seal, individual number card (front only)
    If the request is by a person acting as a representative
    Letter of attorney (in the case of a legal representative, a document that can prove that the applicant is a legal representative)
    The documents listed under (a) above pertaining to the person to whom the information belongs and to the representative
    Processing fee
    In some cases, AIRDO might request payment of a processing fee in order to handle disclosure requests. For details, please check the information provided on the request form.

11. Modification of the privacy policy

AIRDO may make modifications to this Privacy Policy at any time.
If any changes made to this Privacy Policy, a notice will be posted to the AIRDO website (

July 1, 2021
AIRDO Co., Ltd.