AIRDO Special Discount Fares

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Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare

Passengers with a foreign passport and an international ticket for departure from/arrival to Japan may receive this value fare.

Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare

Early Bird/Last-minute Deals

AIRDO Special

Sold all at once with each scheduling period, occurring twice a year. Recommended for trips with family and friends.

DO Value

Rake in the savings even when your departure is approaching! Welcome discount fares even for your sudden business trips.

The Wings of Hokkaido's Exclusive Fares

Only with flights from Hokkaido!Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO

Available for use by anyone departing Hokkaido and arriving back in it within 30 days.

Reservations available the day of the flight DOMIN Fare*

This discount fare applies to those who reside in or have their domicile as Hokkaido, and those who work for companies whose headquarters is in Hokkaido.Reservations are available even on the day of the flight.

*Membership with My AIRDO or registration as a DOMIN Member is necessary.

Other Special Discount Fares

DO Senior 65

Available for people age 65 and older.

*Documentation proving the passenger's age is required.

DO Youth 25

Available for people age 12 to 25.

*Documentation proving the passenger's age is required.

DO Sale

The next release schedule will be announced as soon as it is determined.

This is a website-only fare with a limited release period and boarding period.