CSR Activities of AIRDO

AIRDO proactively conducts CSR activities in three areas: educating people, placing importance on nature, and contributing to society.

Message from the President

Hear a message from the president of AIRDO about our CSR Activities.

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CSR Activities

Learn more about AIRDO's policies regarding CSR Activities.

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Activities for Educating People

We conduct our activities from a viewpoint that appreciates the value of the people who bear the responsibility for the future of Hokkaido, in order to ensure sustainable development of local society.

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Activities for Placing Importance on (Hokkaido's) Nature

We have initiatives to prevent global warming by reducing CO2 emissions and other initiatives to protect the environment.

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Activities for Contributing to Society (Disaster Recovery Assistance)

We've established initiatives to aid in the recovery of disaster-stricken areas, and we've developed a system to enable cooperation with emergency transport services in times of disasters.

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