About Our CSR Activity Policies and the SDGs

CSR Activity Policies

AIRDO was established in November 1996 with the philosophy of "working to revitalize Hokkaido's economy." This idea, thought up at the time of our establishment, has continued on into the present in one of our corporate policies of "contributing to the local community as the Wings of HOKKAIDO."
We at AIRDO have established "educating people," "placing importance on (Hokkaido's) nature," and "contributing to society (disaster recovery assistance)" as our three key areas regarding CSR activities. We work toward the resolution of social issues through our strengths as the Wings of HOKKAIDO and management resources, based on our collaboration with Hokkaido and other local communities.

The SDGs

In our CSR activities, we constantly give thought to our relationship with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)*, development goals advocated by the UN for all of the international community to achieve by 2030, as we work toward our own achievement of them. The relationship between AIRDO's CSR action philosophies and our objectives and targets with the SDGs, as well as those commitments are as follows.

*SDGs: The SDGs are 17 goals and 169 targets agreed upon by countries around the world in order to resolve global issues and create a sustainable society. These goals and targets were selected at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, and the 193 countries and regions participating in the UN strive to achieve them by 2030.

Action Philosophies and Commitments

Action Philosophies and CommitmentsAction Philosophies and Commitments