Corporate Philosophy and Safety Action Guidelines

Corporate Philosophy

  • We shall make safety our absolute first priority.
  • We shall offer air travel that impresses our customers.
  • We shall be cost-conscious and focused on being competitive.
  • We shall utilize and nurture our personnel to create a vibrant corporate environment.
  • We shall contribute to the development of local communities as the Wings of HOKKAIDO.

Safety Action Guidelines

  • We shall avoid indecisive decisions and act to prioritize safety whenever there is cause for uncertainty.
  • We shall provide information in a prompt and accurate manner, sharing it beyond the organization.
  • We shall value communication, listening to the opinions of those around us and voicing our own ideas.
  • We shall continuously strive for higher levels of competency as professionals who are willing to learn, be self-aware, and take responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

For our customers:

  • We hold high aspirations and passion, acting after thorough consideration of what we can achieve.
  • We create satisfaction beyond expectations through strong teamwork.
  • We continue to take on the challenge of creating new value as the Wings of HOKKAIDO.