we make safety our absolute first priority,
and we assist in the development of local communities as the Wings of HOKKAIDO.

Aiming to Be a One-of-a-kind Airline

AIRDO, the Wings of HOKKAIDO, was founded as a Hokkaido-based airline company in November 1996, and we celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2016.
Today, we offer ten flight routes, all of which begin or end at an airport in Hokkaido, and our services are thoroughly Hokkaido-focused, right down to the in-flight merchandise we sell. We are committed to providing service that makes it seem like you’re in Hokkaido — even when you’re outside our great prefecture — by creating on-board environments so relaxing it’s like being at home in Hokkaido.
Additionally, we launched AIRDO ONLINE Service in October 2016 through a partnership with LINE to assist passengers with their boarding procedures, as we proactively work to improve convenience for our customers.
Going forward, we will continue striving to be an unparalleled friendly airline for all our customers, and we hope you keep flying with AIRDO, the Wings of HOKKAIDO.

Yasuhisa Tani, Representative Director and President

Company Information

10 Cities

Cities Served by AIRDO

Flight Destinations

As the Wings of HOKKAIDO, we connect Hokkaido with Honshu.
We offer flights connecting six cities in Hokkaido to Haneda Airport and other locations in Honshu, operating a total of 30 round trip flights on 10 routes.

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Company Safety Initiatives

"We shall make safety our absolute first priority" is noted at the beginning of AIRDO's corporate philosophy.
Since we began service, we have had a spotless record with no accidents and no serious incidents over the course of 17 years.
Going forward, our entire team of corporate officers and employees shall work together and take steps to ensure safer operation as well as strive to be an airline that customers can rely on.

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Community Contribution Projects at AIRDO

As the Wings of HOKKAIDO, we are a community-based airline that actively participates in local projects and information-sharing with the aim of creating mutual prosperity.

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