Registration and updating of DOMIN membership


DOMIN member registration is required in order to use the DOMIN Fare. My AIRDO members who meet any of the following requirements can register as DOMIN members.

  • People who live in Hokkaido
  • People whose family register is in Hokkaido
  • People who work for a company headquartered in Hokkaido

Be sure to read the DOMIN Membership Agreement before using your membership.
DOMIN Membership | FAQ
Applicable conditions for DOMIN Fare

The Process from My AIRDO Enrolment to DOMIN Membership Registration

On the website

(1) Enrolling in My AIRDO

Please enroll in My AIRDO. (If you are already a member, see step (2).)

Enrolling in My AIRDO

  • You cannot have someone else register on your behalf.

(2) Temporary DOMIN member registration

After logging in, click the "Show DOMIN Member Information / New Member Signup" button for information related to member registration, and then click the "Proceed to Registration" button. After reading the DOMIN Membership Agreement, complete the registration. Your temporary DOMIN member number and its period of validity will be shown on your My Page.


(3) Reserving and purchasing airplane tickets through My AIRDO

You can reserve and purchase DOMIN Fares using your temporary DOMIN member number.

  • You must complete your permanent registration within the period of validity of your temporary DOMIN member number (1 year from the date of registration).
At AIRDO airport counter

(4) Permanent DOMIN member registration

You must complete permanent registration either the first time you board a flight or by the end of your temporary DOMIN member number's period of validity, whichever occurs sooner. Permanent registration requires official documentation that indicates your registration qualifications as well as your temporary DOMIN member number and period of validity.
Please use one of the following three methods to indicate your temporary DOMIN member number and period of validity.

  • Print out and bring your "registration completion email".
  • Show the internet page where your DOMIN member number and period of validity are indicated.
  • Write down your DOMIN member number and period of validity.

The period of validity for DOMIN memberships is three years starting on the temporary registration date.

Update Procedure

The update procedure can be carried out at AIRDO airport counters. When you update your DOMIN membership, its period of validity is updated for another three years.

  • Individuals who are not yet enrolled in My AIRDO must first enroll in My AIRDO.

The update procedure

  • If you no longer fulfill the registration requirements due to a change in address or family register, you will not be able to use the DOMIN Fare. Your DOMIN member number and period of validity will become invalid. Please contact the My AIRDO desk.
  • You will not be issued a card or other certificate.

Update Period

The update period is 1 year before and after the expiry of your DOMIN membership.

Update Period

If you cannot update during the update period:
Your registered DOMIN member number becomes invalid and you must carry out DOMIN member registration again.

  • Your My AIRDO account and points will not be lost.
  • My AIRDO members: After logging in, access "New DOMIN Member Registration".
  • My AIRDO non-members: First enroll in My AIRDO. Then log in and access "New DOMIN Member Registration".

Contact Us Regarding DOMIN Membership