DOMIN Membership Agreement

Chapter 1: General Rules

Article 1: Purpose

AIRDO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AIRDO") administers DOMIN Membership Services (hereinafter referred to as "Services"), and this agreement set forth conditions on the use of the Services, that are agreed between DOMIN Members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") and AIRDO.

Article 2: Definitions

  1. "DOMIN Member": A customer who has applied for registration of the Services, and for whom the registration has been approved by AIRDO.
  2. "My AIRDO": Online Membership Services of AIRDO.
  3. "My Page": Website exclusively for Members after signing in to My AIRDO.
  4. "DOMIN Membership Number": Valid membership number displayed on My Page after accomplishment of registration or renewal procedures.
  5. "Provisional DOMIN Membership Number": Membership number displayed on My Page before completion of registration.
  6. "DOMIN Membership Information": DOMIN Membership Number and validity period which are required for reservation, purchase, and boarding procedures related to DOMIN discount fares.
  7. "My AIRDO Desk": Customer Service Center for any inquiries related to My AIRDO, DO Miles, and DOMIN Membership registration.
  8. "AIRDO Counter" shall refer to airport counters where AIRDO provides: Airport service counter provided by AIRDO.

Chapter 2: Registration

Article 1: Registration conditions

A customer must complete enrollment to My AIRDO Membership and either have a residence or domicile in Hokkaido, or must be employed by a company headquartered in Hokkaido.

Article 2: Documents required for registration

Valid official documents are required as proof of the conditions mentioned in Chapter 2 Article 1.

Article 3: Fees and charges

No sign-up fees, annual fees or usage fees will be charged for the Services. Nevertheless, Members may be charged with communication fees (package fee) incurred when accessing the Services.

Article 4: Commencement of membership

Membership will be effective upon completion of both provisional registration as a DOMIN Member via My Page and the final registration at an AIRDO Counter.

Article 5: Transferability and loaning

DOMIN Member's Information apply only for the customer registered as Member on My Page. Transferring membership to a third party is not possible.

Chapter 3: Eligibility for DOMIN discount fares

Article 1: Requirements

DOMIN discount fares will be available for Members, who can provide their DOMIN Member's Information by the time of reservation, purchase or boarding. DOMIN discount fares can also be granted to second-degree or closer relatives with the same flight itinerary as the Member, provided that reservations, purchase and boarding are carried out together. Eligibility for DOMIN discount fares other than as stated above will be based on separately stipulated usage policies.

Chapter 4: Validity period of DOMIN Membership Numbers

Article 1: Validity period of DOMIN Membership Numbers

DOMIN Membership Numbers are valid within three years starting from the date of registration. An extension for successive three years is possible after renewal and same conditions shall apply hereafter.

Article 2: Validity period of Provisional DOMIN Member Numbers

Provisional DOMIN Membership Numbers are valid within a year since registered.
Final procedures for registration are required within this period. If the registration will not be completed, the Provisional DOMIN Membership Number will expire.

Chapter 5: Renewal of DOMIN Membership

Article 1: Renewal procedure

For renewal of a DOMIN Membership due to the expiry of the validity of a DOMIN Membership Number, the customer is required to register the DOMIN Membership Information on My AIRDO. Additionally, the customer must present any official documents proving his/her identity (in accordance with Chapter 2 Article 1) at an AIRDO Counter within the given renewal period.

Article 2: Renewal period

Before 3 months or after 1 year from the expiration date of DOMIN membership number.

Chapter 6: Handling of personal information

Article 1: Protecting and managing personal information

AIRDO pays due attention to the proper and secure handling of personal information provided by the customer, in accordance with the law and privacy policy separately stipulated by AIRDO. For further details about AIRDO Privacy Policy, please visit our website.

Article 2: Change of personal information

If a Member's information needs to be modified, the Member is required either to proceed via My Page to "Confirmation / Change of Member's Information" or to visit a My AIRDO Desk. AIRDO will take no responsibility for any loss or disadvantage caused through delayed change or failing to do so.

Article 3: Refusal of registration or renewal

In the event of not agreeing to the handling of personal information determined by AIRDO or by not providing the official documents required for the final registration, AIRDO reserves the right to refuse a registration or renewal, and may also proceed to terminate the membership.

Article 4: Providing information to Members

AIRDO may provide information via direct mail or e-mail to Members who agreed upon enrollment to the Services or by the time of modification of a Member's information. A Member can unsubscribe from receiving mails but nevertheless, if AIRDO consider the information as important, direct mails or emails will be sent regardless of the Member's request.

Article 5: Business Entrustment

AIRDO may, if deemed necessary, disclose in writing or online, personal information to the entrusted contractors. Entrusted contractors are under supervision to ensure the protection of personal information.

Article 6: Contact

  1. For inquiries regarding registered personal information for the Services, please contact a My AIRDO Desk.
  2. For any other inquiries, please contact the AIRDO Information/Service Center

Chapter 7: Cancellation of Membership

Article 1: Withdrawal from Membership

If a Member wishes to cancel his/her Membership or will no longer meet the registration requirements stipulated in Chapter 2 Article 1 due to a change of address or domicile, he/she will be requested to contact a My AIRDO Desk to proceed with the withdrawal.
Once a withdrawal request is made, the Membership will cease to be valid and if renewal procedures will not be completed within the designated term, the Membership will be terminated.

Article 2: Revocation of Membership

Improper use of the Services, or behavior which significantly harms the mutual trust between the Member and AIRDO, will result in prompt revocation of the Membership and future re-registration may be denied.
If improper use of the Services should be detected, the Member will be charged with the highest fare available for the scheduled flight and additionally fined with the double fare amount. Furthermore, legal measures such as claiming compensation for damages may be taken if deemed necessary.

Chapter 8: Others

Article 1: Disclaimer

AIRDO will not assume any responsibility for damages caused by third-parties using the Services due to an intentional act or negligence of the Member.

Article 2: Modification of the Services

AIRDO may modify all or any parts of the Services without consent of the Member and will not assume any responsibility for damages caused related to the afore mentioned. If a modification of the Services is deemed important, AIRDO will provide information at the airport counter, on the AIRDO website, via email and suchlike.

Article 3: Termination of the Services

In the case of termination of the Services, AIRDO will provide information to the Members at least three months in advance at the airport counter, on the AIRDO website, via email and suchlike.

Article 4: Valid terms

Terms and notifications stated on the latest printed materials or on the updated AIRDO website will replace all prior contents.

Article 5: Inquiries

For inquiries and requests in accordance with this Agreement, please contact My AIRDO Desk.

Article 6: Jurisdiction

Members hereby consent that the court with jurisdiction over the seat of the AIRDO headquarter, shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court relating to any litigation arising out of this Agreement.

Article 7: Date of application

This Agreement shall be effective as of October 1, 2018.