Links to Our Website

Thank you for using the AIRDO website. Visitors who wish to create links to our website must carefully read and agree to the following terms and conditions, and then use the form provided to contact us. After confirming the information provided, we will reply to your inquiry within 2 weeks. Please refrain from creating a link to our website until we reply.


As a general rule, AIRDO Co., Ltd. owns the copyrights for the content on our website. Unauthorized copying and reproduction of all images and data published on our website is prohibited.

Link Settings

  • As a general rule, we use the top page of our website for the link's URL (
  • It is prohibited to use AIRDO's logo mark, images or other data without authorization. It is also prohibited to set the link so that it mistakenly references another source of information. If you wish to use a banner, we will prepare samples for you to choose from.
  • The URL for our website is subject to change, and we may be unable to notify your website.

It is prohibited to link to our website from any of the following websites.

  • Websites used for commercial purposes
  • Bulletin boards
  • Websites that may misguide or mislead the judgement of the reader.
  • Websites that slander or defame, or may slander or defame the business of AIRDO or a third party
  • Websites that violate or may violate the copyrights or intellectual property rights of AIRDO or a third party
  • Websites that violate or may violate the property rights, reputation, personal rights or privacy of AIRDO or a third party
  • Websites that contravene public order
  • Framing displays. It is strictly prohibited to display our website within a frame, etc. When using a frame setup, set the TARGET attributes to _blank or _top.
  • In addition to the content above, any website that may obstruct the operations of our website

If we determine that the content posted does not comply with our guidelines, even after registering the link to your website, we may ask you to remove the link.


  • AIRDO is not liable for any reparations or complaints related to the link.
  • It is prohibited to post or reproduce without authorization, in the form of publications, such as magazines, books or advertisements, or storage media, such as CD-ROMs, any content related to our website.
  • Do not change the size of the banner. In addition, do not use it as part of another image.

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