Waiting for Seats on Full Flights

If seats for your desired flight are full, you may wait for one to become available. Valid only on the day the standby ticket is issued. Also, 1 standby ticket is necessary per person, and the passenger can wait for a seat for the route written on the standby ticket.

Procedure with Waiting for Seats on Full Flights

Flight Ticket Purchases and Standby Ticket Issuance

Passengers who have a flight ticket:

Submit your flight ticket to the AIRDO check-in counter. A standby ticket will be issued.

Passengers who do not have a flight ticket:

Purchase your flight ticket at the AIRDO check-in counter Receive your e-Ticket receipt and standby ticket.

  • If you wish to check a pet as cargo, make your request when receiving the standby ticket. Depending on the airport, the pet fee is to be paid first.



Standby counter (as written on the standby ticket)

New Chitose Airport,Haneda Airport:
the boarding gate for the flight
Airports other than New Chitose and Haneda:
the check-in counter


Passengers are typically paged 25 minutes before the departure time of the flight being waited for.

Baggage being checked:

If you wish to check baggage, inform the staff at the standby counter upon preparing the baggage to be checked.

Order of Paging

Passengers are paged in the order of types S→A→B→C by the type and number for each route.

  • If the passenger does respond to the page, the number on the standby ticket becomes invalid.
  • Please understand that being paged when waiting for a seat does not guarantee you will be able to board.
Type Applicable to
S・A Issuance is not available for passengers who have purchased an AIRDO fare.
B Passengers who have a flight ticket with a fare allowing reservation changes
C Passengers who have a flight ticket with a fare that cannot be reserved (AIRDO Skymate (Youth Special) / Senior 65 Special)

Canceling Standby Status (Refund)

Open tickets (unreserved) purchased the day of at the airport are refunded without a refund fee applied only when a standby ticket or e-Ticket receipt is presented at the appropriate counter. A refund fee is applied when a request for a refund is made at a later date or at another airport.

Important Notes Regarding Waiting for a Seat

  • When waiting for a seat on a flight departing before the reserved flight, the boarding procedure for the reserved flight can be done, but baggage cannot be checked (if baggage has been checked, changes can only be made to the reserved flight).
  • Standby tickets cannot be issued for a specified flight.
  • If the fare being used does not allow reservation changes, such as AIRDO Special 75, 55, 45, 28, or 21; or DO Value 3 or 1; you cannot wait for a seat.