If your desired flight is fully booked, standby is available.

Standby Process on the Departure Date

STEP1 Make a Standby Request

You can make a standby request via our website from 12:00 a.m. on the departure date.

  • After making a standby request, you will be issued a "standby number."
  • Your standby number is required when making inquiries and for confirmation if a seat becomes available, so please take a screenshot and save it for future reference.
  • After making a standby request, you will receive an email from ANA.


  • Please make a request after paying for your airplane ticket in advance.
  • You cannot make a standby request for a flight departing later than the flight you have already obtained a reservation for.
  • For fares that allow reservation changes, it is possible to make a request for a flight departing on the day prior to the date of the reserved flight.
  • Times and locations of standby notifications are subject to change due to flight status.
  • Passengers making a standby request for an airplane ticket other than the one which they have scanned at the security inspection area of the departure point should contact airport staff.
    In cases where connecting flights on the same itinerary have been reserved separately and a standby request has been made for a connecting flight, etc.
  • Passengers wishing to check baggage* should do so after being confirmed for boarding.
    Passengers with items not allowed aboard should inform staff before passing through the security inspection.
    Passengers checking pets must pay the pet fee at the "baggage counter" before passing through the departure security inspection.
  • In cases of cancellation or delay*1, requests may be made for flights later than those reserved, or flights on the day after the operation date*2.
    *1 For flights which have been or are determined to be cancelled or delayed due to severe weather,etc. After switching (changing reservations) it is possible to make a request for a flight on the date of operation.
    *2 Requests may be made up to 10 days after the boarding date of the airplane ticket.

STEP2 Wait in the gate area after passing through the security inspection.

Scan your current boarding pass at the security inspection area.

Wait in the gate area after passing through the security inspection.

STEP3 If a Seat Becomes Available

Approximately 20 minutes prior to boarding time, partial names and standby numbers of passengers for whom seats have become available will be displayed on digital signage placed near the notification area.

  • No announcement will be made via email.

Example of Digital Signage Display
Example of Digital Signage Display

STEP4 Standby Check-in

If a seat becomes available, please complete standby check-in on our website.


  • Even if your partial name and standby number are displayed on the digital signage, you cannot board unless you complete standby check-in on our website.
  • In case of tickets where it isn't possible to complete the procedure via standby check-in, please contact airport staff to complete the procedure.

Standby Categories and Order of Notification

Notification will be made in order of category. Passengers within the same category may be notified earlier or later depending on the type of airplane ticket for which the standby request was made.

Type Applicable to
A Not available for AIRDO fares
G One Way・Round Trip・Child・Disability Discount Fare
Shareholder Complimentary Discount Fare
DOMIN Fares・DO Business
Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO・Award Ticket ...etc.
H Others


  • Flight cancelled passengers calls may be given priority

Cases where standby is unavailable via the website

  • In the case of a difference in fares
  • In the case of a special passenger fare having been paid

Depending on the status of the procedure, there may be cases other than the above where standby is unavailable.

About the Online Reservation Waitlist Service

If you wish to make a standby request more than 2 days prior to the boarding date, please use the Online Reservation Waitlist Service.
The Online Reservation Waitlist Service is only available to My AIRDO members.

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