Flight Connections

For passengers with connections to (from) ANA's domestic routes, SNA (Solaseed Air), and SFJ (Starflyer), Online check-in is also required for connecting flights.Baggage can be checked for a maximum of 3 routes.

For connections between 4 companies (ADO, ANA, SNA, and SFJ), the following flight connection time chart goes into effect.

Haneda Airport Terminal 1 SFJ 50 min. or more
Terminal 2 ADO, ANA, SNA 35 min. or more
Other airports 20 min. or more
  • A connection bus may be used to move between each of Haneda Airport's terminals.
  • Please ask the Reservation and Information Center in regard to connection times to (from) airline companies other than ANA, SNA, and SFJ, as well as connection times to (from) international flights.
  • AIRDO does not service cooperative flights with airline companies other than ANA (domestic flights), SNA, or SFJ. AIRDO bears no responsibility if passengers are not able to board the other company's connecting flight at the destination. Allow yourself plenty of time when making a connection.