Haneda Airport
Terminal 2 Info

Terminal 2 ticket gate can be directly accessed from the last station of the Keikyu Line, "Haneda Airport Terminal 1・2" and the last station of the monorail "Haneda Airport Terminal 2".

《From Keikyu Line》

①After going out the station ticket gate(Terminal 2 side), go straight up to the wide open square.
Then, turn left to the information counter.

②Pass by the information counter and go straight. You will find escalators at the forefront. Then, take an escalator up to the second("2"nd) floor.

《Please refer to the guidance on the second floor》

Terminal 2 ticket gate can be directly accessed from the last station of the TOKYO MONORAIL, "Haneda Airport Terminal 2".

《From monorail》

①Customers using the monorail, turn left after exiting the north station ticket gate.

②Go up to the second("2"nd) floor using an escalator at the forefront.

《Guidance of the second floor》

Security Gate A

③When you got off the escalator, you will find security gate A.
If you come to AIRDO Check-in counter, start moving seeing the security gate A on you right, and then you will find the AIRDO check-in counter on your right.
※For customers flying with AIRDO, Departure Gate A is conveniently located near the boarding gate.
If you use the skip service and have no check-in baggage, you can go on directly to any security gate(including A gate)and then to the boarding gate.
※SKiP Service will no longer be available after March 31, 2023.
You must use online check-infor flights scheduled for April 1, 2023 or later.

AIRDO check-in counter

④Please come to the AIRDO check-in counter if you choose fares which require confirmation of official documents, such as the Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare.
The DOMIN Fare, DO Senior 65, DO Youth 25, and so on also require official documents.

ANA self service check-in machines

⑤ANA self service check-in machines can be used by AIRDO passengers as well (excluding some fares or conditions, and except for large sized baggage, baby stroller, pet animals etc. ).
Customers with reservations using fares that requires confirmation of official documents have to complete check-in procedures at the AIRDO check-in counter.

ANA Baggage Drop
(self-service baggage drop)

■Please refer to here for the detailed usage of the ANA Baggage Drop

ANA Manned Baggage counter

⑥If you are checking-in baggage, please make use of "ANA baggage drop"(self-service baggage check-in machine), or please come to the ANA Manned Baggage counter.
※If you have checked-in your baggage by using the skip service, you can use the "ANA baggage drop" without stopping at the AIRDO check-in counter.