Elderly Passengers

Advance Seat Selection

Seats can be selected at the time of the reservation and purchase. Book your seat(s) up to 4 days in advance before the boarding date to the time you've purchased an airplane ticket.

  • Advance seat selection is also available to passengers over 65 years of age and the passengers accompanying them through the Reservation and Information Center even before purchasing an airplane ticket.
  • Selected seats are subject to change due to changes in aircraft, etc.
  • There is a limit to the number of seats which can be selected in advance.


Wheelchairs are available at all airports. Wheelchairs for use within the cabin are also available. Please inform the ANA Disability Desk (For Customer with Wheelchair Check List) when making your reservation if you wish to use one.

If you use your own wheelchair, again, please inform us when making your reservation.

  • Personal wheelchairs are accepted as checked cargo, and an airport wheelchair is provided. please rest assured that staff will be available to assist you, when you use stairs (to the plane).
  • If you use an electric wheelchair, please inform us of the size, weight, and battery type when you reserve. Also, please come to the airport counter at least 60 minutes before the departure time.
  • There are restrictions by law regarding the checking and carry-on of lithium-ion batteries for electric wheelchairs. Learn more.

Pre-boarding Service

Elderly passengers are allowed to board before other passengers. If you wish to use this service, please go to the boarding gate approximately 30 minutes before the boarding time.

  • This service may not be available due to flight status, etc.