Restricted Items for Baggage

Baggage Deserving Special Attention

The air transport of items which have a possibility of exploding, are easily burnable, cause injury to people, or may cause harm to other things is prohibited by law, and such items cannot be checked or carried aboard. Items like blades, which can be used as a weapon are not allowed in the cabin. Please note that violation may result in a fine of up to JPY 500,000. Check the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's website(Only available in Japanese) for details.

Items Not Allowed Aboard as Carry-on or Checked Baggage

The following items are not allowed within the cabin as carry-on or checked baggage by law.


  • Explosives
  • Balloons inflated with helium gas
  • Fireworks
  • Heatable boxed meals (with self heating packs)
  • Easily combustible or flammable objects (lighter gas oil and camping stoves)
  • Corrosive agents
  • Items with a risk of endangering the aircraft, its passengers or cargo


  • One small, portable lighter for smoking, or box of safety matches (small-sized) per person can be brought aboard on one's person (be careful not to leave it on the airplane).
  • Lighters with fuel tanks, cigar lighters, torch lighters (turbo lighters, jet lighters, blue flame lighters, etc.) cannot be brought aboard or checked.
  • "Torch lighters" refers to lighters similar to cigar lighters, which emit a blue flame or a powerful flame.
Type Quantity For Stowage For Carry-on
Disposable gas lighters Already used 1 ×
Not yet used
Torch lighters - - × ×
Oil lighters
  • Lighters built with absorbent materials (cotton) in them
Already used 1 ×
Not yet used No restrictions
Lighters with fuel tanks
  • Lighters built without absorbent materials (cotton) in them
Already used - × ×
Not yet used
  • Here, "carry-on" refers to carrying the item aboard on one's person rather than inside of a bag, etc.

Items Whose Carry-on and Check-in Are Subject to Conditions

Avalanche Rescue Backpack

Only one avalanche rescue backpack per person containing no more than 200 mg of gunpowder, and that uses neither a flammable nor toxic gas as compressed gas are allowed to be checked in or carried on board.

  • The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentally activated, and the airbags within the backpack must have pressure release valves.
  • Please provide explanatory documents to prove that conditions are met.

Items Which Cannot Be Carried On (Restricted Within the Cabin)

The following items are not allowed within the cabin. Please check them.


  • Items which can be used as a weapon for hijacking or terrorist activities (blades like knives or scissors).
  • Tools
  • Items with pointed tips
  • Bats, etc.
  • Golf clubs, etc.
  • Items which can be mistaken by other passengers and cause fear such as toy guns and handcuffs

If while in the airport you are carrying an item or items which cannot be brought aboard or checked as stated above, please throw it/them away in the disposal box. In addition, if you are carrying an item or items prohibited from being brought aboard, place it in the baggage you plan to check, and check it at the counter, or throw it away in the disposal box located in the security inspection area.