Requests while in the cabin・
Please cooperate during an emergency evacuation

Requests while in the cabin

Please pay attention to the pre-takeoff briefing concerning emergency equipment in the aircraft (video and demonstration by flight attendants). Please pay attention to the safety information provided by the flight attendants.

Before takeoff

  • Please take your assigned seats and fasten your seatbelts. The airplane will take off after we confirm that all passengers are seated.

Assistance in operating doors

  • The cabin crew will operate the doors before takeoff and upon landing. After performing the door operations, the cabin crew will come to provide assistance to passengers requiring it.

When the seatbelt sign is on

  • Keep your seatbelt fastened at all times in case of sudden turbulence. If you are using a blanket, secure your seatbelt over the blanket. While the seatbelt sign is turned on, please remain in your seat as turbulence can be expected. Please use the lavatory when the seatbelt sign is off.
  • Flight attendants will attend to passengers seeking service once the seatbelt sign is turned off.

For your comfort

  • There have been incidents where luggage has fallen and caused injury to others while passengers were stowing and removing hand luggage. Please take care when stowing and removing your hand luggage.
    Hand luggage can also be placed under the seat in front of you.

  • Please put water bottles and plastic drink bottles in the seat pocket rather than in the overhead bin.
  1. Why shouldn't they be put in the overhead bin?
    Plastic bottles expand at high altitudes, and if the cap is loose they may leak.

  • Please be mindful of the person behind you when reclining your seat.
  • Please take care when opening and closing the table.

Passengers with children

  • Please be careful not to pinch your finger in the seat belt buckle, the armrest, or the folding tray table. In the lavatory, please be careful not to pinch your finger in the lavatory door or the lid of the trash bin.
  • Multiple infants may not be seated in a single row. (Does not apply in the case of infants who have their own seats reserved).

  1. Why can only one infant be seated in a single row?
    In case of loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks are provided for the number of seats in each row, plus one (2-seat-rows have 3, 3-seat-rows have 4). If there are two or more infants, (who are not assigned seats) in a single row, there will not be enough oxygen masks.

Please cooperate during an emergency evacuation

In the unlikely event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the cabin crew and remain calm. Customers sitting near an emergency exit will be asked to give assistance during an emergency evacuation. Please check the card "[EXIT SEATING] IF YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO EXIT ROW SEAT..." in the seat pocket, and be sure to confirm the details concerning assistance before takeoff. If you have any questions, please ask a flight attendant.

Request for assistance during an emergency evacuation

  • In order to evacuate swiftly and safely, please refrain from taking carry-on baggage. Remove high-heeled shoes when evacuating.
  1. Why can carry-on baggage not be taken when evacuating?
    • If you take carry-on baggage, it may slow your own evacuation, block the aisle, and prevent other passengers from evacuating.
    • If you are holding carry-on baggage you will not be able to assume the proper evacuation pose when sliding down the evacuation slide. Also, carry-on baggage may damage the evacuation slide.

  1. Why do high-heeled shoes need to be removed?
    High-heeled shoes may damage the evacuation slide.

  • When sliding down the evacuation slide, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, put both arms out in front of you and sit up so that you are able to see the spot where you will land.
  • After evacuating, please get away from the airplane.
  • The cabin crew may ask for your assistance.
  • Stand by the side of the evacuation slide and pull the arms of the person sliding down after you to help them stand up.
  • Tell others to get away from the airplane by saying, "Run far away!"
  • Reassure fellow passengers by saying, "It's OK. Calm down."