To passengers who travel while Summer Vacation

During the Summer Vacation the roads around the airport, parking lots, check-in counters, security checks will be very busy. And there is a possibility that the delay of flight departure might happen. We will show you the tips on how to check in smoothly at the airport and the points we want you to cooperate on the airplane.

1.Before travel

In order to board a plane smoothly, it is important to prepare before going to the airport. Please confirm the following items carefully so as not to be troubled after arriving at the airport. Please head to the airport as early as possible.

SKiP Service

Are you ready to use "SKiP Service"?

Please complete all of "reservation", "purchase" ,"seat designation" and download "2D barcode" from the website. Then you will not need to check in at the airport.

※"SKiP Service" may not be available in some cases

What's "SKiP Service"?

Get 2D Barcode

Customers not using "SKiP Service" must check in at the airport. Please prepare any of "confirmation number", "credit card used for payment the card holder must show up" , "e-ticket itinerary receipt" or "2D Barcode".

what you need for check-in

Do not forget what you need for check-in.

Customers not using "SKiP Service" must check in at the airport. Please prepare either "confirmation number" "credit card used for payment (please bring name holder)" "e-ticket itinerary receipt" "2D Barcode".

Check your baggage

Check your baggage

Dangerous goods prohibited by law to bring in the aircraft for safety reasons may be included in your baggage In the worst case, we may ask you to abandon it at the airport unavoidably. Please check the contents of your baggage in advance.

Typical examples of dangerous goods
(Only available in Japanese)

recommended to use public transportation

Head to the airport as soon as possible

You wil feel easy if you arrive at the airport 2 or 3 hours before the departure time of your flight. Because the road around the airport and the parking lot are very crowded, it is recommended to use public transportation.


2.At the airport

Ground staff

This is the flow of for boarding after you arrive at the airport


Not required who using SKiP service

About 1 hour before


20 minutes before

About 30 minutes before

Security Check

15 minutes before

About 20 minutes before

Borading Gate

10 minutes before

In the worst case, there is no time to choose a souvenir or enjoy a meal at the crowded airport. In order to enjoy the time in confort before departure, please follow the flow chart below to check the order of necessary procedures and the targeted deadline time.

Do you use "SKiP Service"?
(Have you all completed reservation, purchase, seat assignment and downloading 2D Barcode?)

Please check-in first

ANA automatic check-in machines

ANA automatic check-in machines

Check-in counter

Check-in counter

More info

Passengers who do not use skip services must check in. If you do not check in, you can not board even if you have a reservation. Check-in is available by ANA Self Service Check-in Machines or at the check-in counter.

■Speed-up tips
ANA Self Service Check-in Machines will make it possible for you to check in quickly by yourself. Passengers who will take AIRDO flight can use them (even if they are located) at the ANA counters.
■Counters with agents may be crowded
Passengers using fares that can not be checked by ANA Self Service Check-in Machines, using wheelchairs, or requesting baby stroller rental, should check-in at the counter where the agents are assigned. It may be crowded, so please come as early as possible, to avoid waiting for a long time.

Please check-in the baggage about 1 hour before your departure time

Automated Baggage Checking Machine

More info
■Speed-up tips
You can check in your baggage quickly on your own by ANA Automated Baggage Checking Machines. It is located at ANA No.3 Counter at New Chitose Airport and ANA No. 5 Counter at Haneda Airport. Passengers who will take AIRDO flight can use them.
■Counters with agents will may be crowded
Check your pets,big baggage such as strollers, and fragile items,etc. in the ANA Baggage Counter with the agent. The Counterlmay be very crowded, so please come and check them in one hour before the departure time. Please note that baggage check in can not be accepted at the AIRDO counter (excluding Obihiro Airport).
■Does your luggage contain dangerous goods?
Please make sure beforehand that dangerous goods that can not be stored in cargo holds are not included, such as iCOSes, lithium ion batteryies, lighters, spray cans.

Please pass the security check at about 30 minutes before departure

security check

More info
Passengers using "SKiP Service"
(Please set the screen of the smartphone to bright and fix the direction)


e-ticket itinerary receipt


e-ticket itinerary receipt





Passengers checked-in at the airport

Boarding pass

Boarding pass issued by ANA Self Service Check-in Machine or check-in counter

■Required at the security check
If you use "SKiP Service", you need 2D barcode" you got in advance. If you check in at the airport, you need a "boarding pass" issued by ANA Self Service Check-in Machine or check-in counter with agents. Please touch them one by one to the security inspection equipment, and receive the security certificate one by one.If you use the 2D barcode displayed on your smartphone, you can not re-download it after passing the security check. So, please save it as a screenshot before starting the security check procedure.
■Crowded just before departure
If the security check is busy it takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour to pass it. The final deadline for passing the security check is 15 minutes before departure time. If you do have not gone through it by this time, even if you are in the waiting line, you can not board the flight you booked.
■Ticket exchanges between traveling companions are strictly prohibited
Be sure to use your own ticket. Please do not exchange tickets absolutely.

Please come to the boarding gate20 minutes before departure time

(The final deadline:10 minutes before)

boarding gate

More info
■Required at the boarding gate
Please prepare the 2D barcode or boarding pass used at the security check again. If you use the 2D barcode displayed on your smartphone, you can not re-download it from the AIRDO website after passing the security check,. So, please save it as a screenshot before going through the security check. Please be careful not to take flight number for gate number.
■For smooth boarding
In order to avoid crowding inside the cabin at the time of boarding, we may separate boarding procedure into two or more steps according to the seat number. Please check your seat number in advance and board follwing staff's announcement.
■Ticket exchanges between traveling companions are strictly prohibited
Be sure to use your own ticket. Please do not exchange tickets absolutely.

Departure time is the time the airplane starts to move

It is not the time you should come to the boarding gate

3.In the cabin

cabin attendant

Thank you for boarding. For scheduled departure, please cooperate with the following points. If you need help, please feel free to ask the cabin attendant.


Only one piece of baggage you can bring into the aircraft

Baggage that can be brought into the cabin is only one item with weight of less than 10 kg within 115 cm (55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm) of the sum of three sides, except personal belongings such as handbags.

Carry-on Baggage

keep baggage under the seat

You can keep your baggage under the seat in front of you

The space of overhead storage is limmited. You can also keep your baggage under the seat in front of you.

Please sit down as soon as possible

The airplane leaves after all the passengers sit in their seat. Please be seated as soon as possible after boarding and fasten your seat belts.


After arrival, the plane on which you have boarded will fly again to the next destination. In order to prevent the delay of the next flight, please cooperate in the following points during your flight.

Please do not flush toilet except toilet paper

Please do not flush toilet except with equipped toilet paper

If you accidentally flush paper cups, lids, children's diapers, tissues, etc. into the toilet, the toilet will breaks down. As a result, it may takes much time to repair it may cause the delay or the cancellation of the next flight.

Please do not bring back the equipment in the cabin

Please do not take out the equipment in the cabin.

There are equipments necessary for the safety, such as a life jacket and a safety instruction card. We can not fly unless we have all of them. However, you can take home the in-flight magazine "rapora" freely.

Please use the disposal bags

Please use the disposal bags

If you feel sick, please use the disposal bags. If the seat becomes dirty, cleaning and replacing the seat cover are necessary, which may lead to the delay of the next flight. Also please put garbage in the disposal bags (please do not put it directly in the seat pocket). If your seat gets dirty, please do not hesitate to inform the cabin attendant.

Storage of moisture content

Do not put anything containing moisture such as seafood (including frozen) into the overhead storage

Extensive cleaning and replacement of the seat cover may occur due to dissolved moisture or , dropped water droplets / or smells, which may cause the delay of the next flight. Also, PET bottles etc will also leak inside liquid because of atmospheric pressure changes. So, please put it under the seat in front of you.

4.Special Assistance

For details, please check the following pages.

We are looking forward to flight with you.

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Jul 20, 2018

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