SKiP Service

SKiP Service is no longer available as of Mar 31, 2023.
Please use online check-in starting on Apr 1, 2023.

The SKiP Service conveniently lets you skip the airport boarding procedures on the day
of your flight by completing your reservation, payment, and seat selection beforehand.
Learn about the usage process for the SKiP Service here.

Cases When the SKiP Service Cannot Be Used

There may be some instances where you cannot use the SKiP Service, depending on types of fares, reservation content, etc.

STEP 1Have Your 2D Barcode Ready

Prepare yourself by acquiring a 2D Barcode after completing your reservation, payment, and seat selection.

  • Make sure to have your 2D Barcode ready before going to the airport.
  • 2D Barcode can be acquired through the AIRDO website (via PC, mobile phone, or smartphone).
    • Excluding instances when the SKiP Service cannot be used
  • One 2D Barcode per passenger is necessary.

2D Barcode acquisition methods differ by the place the reservation/purchase is done.

Acquire your 2D Barcode through the AIRDO website (via PC , mobile phone, or smartphone).*1

sample of print

sample of screenshot
Save by taking a screenshot, etc.

Click here to learn how to acquire a 2D Barcode

SKiP Service Sample
The SKiP Service can be used if "SKiP" or "♪" is written next to the seat number on the Reservation Details screen.

*1 If the flight has an AIRDO flight number, only the 2D Barcode can be used as a means of passing through the security inspection. There are no services available using integrated circuit technology in IC cards, smartphones, etc. 2D Barcode cannot be acquired through the website if the reservation is for 3 or more routes, or is for 7 or more passengers.

The ticket is issued on the spot.


A service which automatically sends emails regarding the boarding of the flight to be used is available.

STEP 2Proceed to the Security Inspection

Boarding procedures are unnecessary upon arriving at the airport. Proceed directly to the security inspection.

  • If checking baggage, you must first complete the procedures at the baggage counter.
  • Pass through the departure security inspection with the acquired 2D Barcode .
  • Please use departure security inspection "B" or "C" at New Chitose Airport.
  • Click here for details on how to receive a receipt.
  • If the flight has an AIRDO flight number, the ANA SKY KIOSK located in the boarding gate area is not available for use.

Complete the necessary procedures
and pass through the
departure security inspection area
at least 20 minutes before flight departure time.

Hold your 2D Barcode  over the reader in the security inspection area.

When using a smart phone, be sure to save the screen showing the 2D Barcode by taking a screenshot, etc.

STEP 3Proceed to the Boarding Gate

at least 10 minutes before the departure time

The 2D Barcode  that you held over the reader in the security inspection area is required for the reader at the boarding gate as well.

Bon Voyage!

  • SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.
  • The content described is current as of December 1, 2016.