Changing to Other AIRDO Flights (Making Reservation Changes) If Major Flight Delays or Cancellations Have Occurred

This page provides information on changing to other AIRDO flights (making reservation changes) if major flight delays or cancellations occur (or have already occurred) due to bad weather, aircraft breakdowns, etc.

1. Please complete your reservation with an alternate flight within 10 days from the expected departure date of the reserved flight.

*If a fare allows reservation changes, the reservation can be changed either to "a flight within 30 days of the departure date of the reserved flight," or "a flight during the airplane ticket's period of validity," whichever period is longer.

  • Reservations for alternate flights can be made on the Internet, through the Reservation and Information Center, at an airport counter, or using an ANA self service check-in machine.
  • We will allow you to change your airplane ticket regardless of the fare type. No fare adjustment or fees are charged.
  • If the cost of the flight after the reservation change is lower than the cost of the reserved flight, we will refund the difference (but only for airplane tickets with a fare type that allows reservation changes).
  • Depending on the fare type, payment method, and location of purchase, it might not be possible to carry out reservation changes on the internet or using an ANA self service check-in machine.
  • If the outbound portion of a round trip flight is canceled, the return flight can be changed at the same time. Please carry out the procedure to change both flights at the same time.
    • However, you cannot change the reservation on the internet if your outbound and return flights were made as separate reservations. Instead, you must contact the Reservation and Information Center.
  • In the case of a fare that does not allow reservation changes (AIRDO Special, DO Value, etc.), you can change the reservation once only.
    • However, if the flight after the change is also delayed or canceled, you will be able to change your reservation again.

Proceed to Reservation Change

2. Please carry out the boarding procedure for the alternate flight.

After selecting your seat, you may use the SKiP Service. On the boarding date of the alternate flight, please proceed directly to security inspection.

  • If the difference in the cost of the two flights is refunded due to a flight change, a new 2D Barcode will be necessary. (The old 2D Barcode will no longer work.)
  • Customers who have not carried out seat selection should carry out the boarding procedure using a self service check-in machine.
  • SKiP Service is unavailable for some fares. Learn more.
  • Self service check-in machines cannot be used for some fares. Learn more.

*SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.

Special Circumstances Due to Aircraft Breakdown

The following procedures become available in instances of breakdowns in equipment, etc. caused by our company.

  • This section does not apply in the case of flights that are delayed, canceled, or turned back due to bad weather or other factors beyond human control.