Issuance of Receipts

Instances When Issuance Is Applicable

A receipt can be issued up to 15 months after an airplane ticket's date of purchase.
If you purchase an airplane ticket at one of the following locations, you will be issued a receipt by AIRDO.
This receipt is compliant with the qualified invoice system stipulated in the Consumption Tax Law.
If you want to use this as a qualified invoice, please print it with the "Show optional total amount details" checkbox checked on the Receipt Information Entry form.
If you have already issued a form that is not a Qualified invoice Form, you can reissue it from the AIRDO website.

Purchase locations Instances When Issuance Is Applicable
AIRDO website Credit card payment and payment at convenience stores.
Reservation and Information Center Only when paid by credit card.
AIRDO airport counter If you use a web receipt display service, only tickets purchased at the AIRDO counters at Tokyo (Haneda), Sapporo (Chitose), and Obihiro airports will work.

Instances When Issuance Is Not Applicable

If you purchase a ticket at a travel agency or ANA airport counter, you must request a receipt at the location of purchase.

Methods of Receipt Issuance

There are three ways to get a receipt issued.

Getting one issued at home or work

Web receipt display service

Receipt can be displayed online up to 15 months after the date of purchase. Learn More.

Getting one issued at the airport

AIRDO airport counter Receipts can be issued by the AIRDO counter at any airport. Airport Counters.


  • Receipts cannot be reissued.
    However, if you use the web receipt display service, your receipt data can be displayed any number of times up to 15 months from the date of purchase.
  • If you make a reservation for multiple trips or passengers at the same time and you prefer to have separate receipts issued for each route and passenger, please make your request at the airport counter.
  • You must contact the Reservation and Information Center to have a receipt issued after the flight.
    You must provide the boarding date, flight number, passenger name, and reservation number or telephone number registered at the time of the reservation.
    Be aware that if more than 15 months have passed since the date of purchase, you cannot be issued a receipt.

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