Starting days for reservations and the Advance Seat Selection Service

Start Date for Accepting Reservations

  • Valid from the date specified by AIRDO.
    Same-day reservations are accepted up to 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • To confirm or change your reservation, please tell us your "boarding date", "flight number", "passenger name", and "reservation number".

* Dates of Availability for Specific Flight Discount Fares

Advanced Seat Selection Services

Passengers who have finished reserving and purchasing an airplane ticket may specify their desired seat prior to arrival at the airport.

From the start date for reservations/purchases up to 4 days prior to boarding (not including the day of boarding). From 3 days prior to boarding to the day of boarding

Advance seat selection during this period is available to passengers who have reserved an airplane ticket.

  • If you do not purchase an airplane ticket by the purchase deadline, your advance seat selection will be automatically canceled along with your reservation.

Advance seat selection during this period is available to passengers who have purchased an airplane ticket.

  • Passengers accompanying small children, elderly passengers, and passengers with physical disabilities may use our advance seat selection service up to the planned date of boarding even prior to ticket purchase by telephoning the Reservation and Information Center.
  • * The seat you have selected is subject to change due to changes in aircraft or for similar reasons.
  • * There are restrictions on the seats that can be selected. If you are unable to select a seat in advance, you should carry out this procedure at the airport on the day of boarding.
  • * If you are flying round trip or making a connecting flight, and your reservation includes another airline for the connecting flight (ANA, Solaseed Air, or STARFLYER), you might not be able to make an advance seat selection. If you are unable to make a seat selection in advance, please contact the Reservation and Information Center.

《If seated in seats next to emergency exits》

Passengers sitting in a seat next to an emergency exit may be asked to aid in emergency evacuation should the need arise.
According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, seats next to emergency exits are limited to passengers who meet all of the following requirements.

  1. Passengers who are at least 15 years of age
  2. Passengers who do not require an assistant or help from an attendant in order to board
  3. Passengers who are capable of assisting during an emergency evacuation, e.g. by opening and closing the door of the aircraft.
  4. Passengers who will understand the information provided on evacuation and the instructions given by flight crew, and who can verbally relay them to other passengers
  5. Passengers who can speak Japanese or English
  6. Passengers who do not need the assistance of a companion during an emergency evacuation
  7. Passengers who agree to provide assistance during an emergency evacuation
  8. Passengers who are not flying with children under the age of 8
  • Passengers seated in seats next to emergency exits cannot place their baggage at their feet or hold it on their lap.

Passengers who do not meet the requirements above will be moved to another seat.

[Assisting during emergency evacuations]

If assistance is required, the cabin crew will give concrete instructions on the following actions to ensure speedy evacuation assistance.

  • Keeping back other passengers until the emergency exit has been opened completely by the flight crew
  • Assisting other passengers to exit the aircraft after you have gone down the exit chute
  • Giving vocal instructions to leave the aircraft quickly and seek refuge, e.g. by saying "Quickly get away from the airplane!"
  • Providing other assistance (Flight crew will give specific instructions as the situation requires.)

You should read the "Safety Guide" provided at your earliest opportunity after boarding the aircraft. Please be aware that passengers who are unable to provide the assistance described above or do not agree to do so are not permitted to sit in seats next to emergency exits.