「Reservations and Purchases」

Can I use my own credit card to pay for a family member (or friend) who is going to board a plane?

Credit card payment by someone other than the actual person boarding is possible.
If a ticket's reservation and payment are made from the website by someone other than the actual person boarding, security code authentication is necessary.
Having made your payment after security code authentication, keep a copy of the confirmation number which is displayed on the Payment Completion screen, and tell it to the person boarding.
As the boarding procedure can be done by a passenger with the confirmation number, the credit card holder does not need to go with them to the airport.
(When completing the boarding procedure at an ANA self service check-in machine or an ANA self service check-in payment machine, the reservation number is required in addition to the confirmation number.)
•Your understanding is appreciated as the Personal Authentication Service cannot be used.

For credit card payments, payment must be made by the card holder when paying at AIRDO airport counters or at a store.

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