Credit Card Payment

Accepted Credit Cards

We accept credit cards that bear the following logos.

  • If you pay through a travel agency, you can use whatever credit cards that travel agency accepts.
VISA, mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, AMERICAN EXPRESS

STEP 1Reservations

STEP 2Payment

After making the reservation, select the option for credit card payment and enter your credit card number, card holder's name, and expiration date.
You can also pay from the reservation confirmation screen.


STEP 1Reservations

Please tell the Reservation and Information Center operator the flight and fare you will be using.
(Business hours: 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.)

STEP 2Payment

After making your reservation, tell the operator that you will paying by credit card. Once you are transferred to the automated assistant, you must enter your credit card number,expiry date and security code.

STEP 3Boarding Day

Please obtain a boarding pass by completing online check-in any time from 24 hours to 20 minutes prior to your flight departure. At the airport you can proceed directly to the security inspection.
Passengers with baggage to check should proceed to the security inspection after checking them at the baggage counter.

  • If you are carrying out the boarding procedure with a credit card, the person whose name is on the card should be present.
  • If the person whose name is on the card cannot be present, the boarding procedure will be permitted if you know the confirmation number and reservation number.
  • You will receive a receipt when your boarding pass is issued at the airport.

You cannot pay for the following types of reservations by credit card.
[1] Reservations for which you selected another payment option.
[2] Reservations made after 11:59 p.m. on the purchase deadline.
[3] Reservations that are waitlisted.

Payment period

You must pay after making your reservation, before 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

  • The periods when reservations are accepted and the airplane ticket purchasing deadline may vary according to the type of fare.
Changing your reservation after payment Can be carried out online or by calling the Reservation and Information Center.
Canceling your reservation after payment Can be carried out online or by calling the Reservation and Information Center.
How to obtain an airplane ticket refund

The refund will be credited to your credit card account. Customers must request a refund before the refund expiry date.

  • A refund fee (JPY 440 per airplane ticket) will be charged.
    Depending on the cancellation date and time, a prescribed cancelation fee might be charged.

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