Security Codes

News: Credit card payments made on or after Apr 24, 2014 require the customer to enter a security code.

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What Is a Security Code?

A security code is a 3-digit or 4-digit code printed separately from the credit card number. It is not printed on credit card statements. Entering the security code verifies that the customer actually possesses the physical card and prevents fraudulent usage by a third party.

  • The security code is not a PIN number.

Examples of How Security Codes Are Displayed

This security code is the last 3 digits printed in the signature box on the back of the card.
Depending on the card, the security code might be a 4-digit code printed above and to the right or left of the credit card number on the front of the card.

Example of Security Code Entry

In addition to entering your credit card number and expiry date, you must also enter the (3-digit or 4-digit) security code.

Payment by Someone Other Than the Passenger

If you enter a security code during payment, boarding procedures can be carried out using the confirmation number and reservation number.

  • If someone other than the passenger pays by credit card, the passenger must be given the confirmation number and reservation number.
  • The boarding procedure can be carried out using the credit card that was used to pay for the ticket. If that is the case, the person whose name is on the credit card must be present at the airport.
  • The confirmation number will only be shown once, so be sure to copy it down somewhere. If the passenger is unable to present it on the day of boarding, his/her identify will have to be verified using an official identification document.

Screen showing confirmation number (for illustrative purposes only)

This screen will be shown after you enter your credit card information and click the "Purchase" button.

Screen showing reservation details (for illustrative purposes only)