Payment of Lodging and Transportation Fees

We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused. In the case of flight delays and cancellations due to airline circumstances such as breakdowns in equipment, the following reimbursement will be paid within the scope determined by AIRDO.

  • This section does not apply in the case of flights that are delayed, canceled, or turned back due to bad weather or other factors beyond human control.
  • The original receipt (a copy is not acceptable) is required for the procedures.
Hotel costs Hotel cost to be reimbursed when no alternate flight to the arrival airport is available that same day and an alternate flight on a subsequent day must be used.※Maximum amount 10,000yen
Transportation costs Transportation fee to be reimbursed when there is no regularly scheduled mode of public transportation from the airport to your final destination due to a delay of one hour or more
Price of another airline company's airplane ticket Cost difference to AIRDO airplane ticket when another airline's ticket has been paid for by the customer due to delay or cancellation.※Maximum amount 5,000yen
(The cost of another company's airline ticket is refunded instead of the AIRDO ticket.)

To all passengers on midnight flights:
We cannot guarantee that a connection from your arrival airport to ground transportation will be available. Please note that we will not cover transportation and accommodation expenses in the event of a delay.

For more information about midnight flights, click here (only available in Japanese).