One Way Fare

  • Reservation changes
  • Same-day reservations
  • e-Ticket
Conditions of use This fare is applicable to passengers age 12 and older.
Reservations Valid from the date specified by AIRDO
Reservation waitlist available.
Payment deadline You must pay within 4 days, which include the day of your reservation.However, if you make your reservation 3 days prior to boarding or later, payment must be made by 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
Change Available. However, you cannot change the route indicated on your airplane ticket.
Period of validity for flight tickets With a reservation: Valid up until the reserved flight
Without a reservation: Valid on the day issued* and the following 1 year period
*This is the date on which the credit card payment is made or the date on which the company confirms payment in cash.
Refunds A refund must be requested during the airplane ticket's period of validity or within 30 days starting the day after it expires. Click here for more on refund fees and cancellation fees.
Remarks If the fare amount for the airplane ticket you purchased differs from the fare amount at the time of boarding, the difference will be charged or refunded.
Online reservations and purchases Available.