DO Senior 65

This special fare is available any day of the week for people who are at least 65 years of age.
Use it to travel home and other places!

  • Reservation changes
  • Same-day reservations
Conditions of use Available for customers age 65 and older.
  • The customer needs to be an AIRDO member*2 who has registered to confirm date of birth*1
  • Customers who have not enrolled in My AIRDO can be assisted at the airport counter on the boarding date. Please bring official documentation that indicates your date of birth.
*1 If you wish to register to confirm your date of birth, please enroll to become a My AIRDO member, and then ask an airport counter staff member to assist you. To register, you must present an official document with your date of birth. Even after registering, there might be instances in which you are required to show an official document to verify your age.
*2 You can enroll in My AIRDO on the AIRDO website free of charge.
  If you have registered your AIRDO card on My Page, you do not need to register to confirm your date of birth.
Reservations Reservations and purchases can be made on the boarding date (from 0:00 that day using the AIRDO website).*3*4

*3 This cannot be done through the AIRDO Reservation and Information Center.
*4 Reservations and purchases cannot be made using the AIRDO website if the customer has not registered to confirm date of birth.
Payment deadline You must carry out the purchase at least 20 minutes before the flight's departure time.
Change You cannot change the route, change to (from) another fare, or change the airline company.
You must first refund the ticket and then purchase a new one.
  • A prescribed fee is charged at the time of the refund.
Period of validity for flight tickets Valid only for the reserved flight
Refunds A refund must be requested during the airplane ticket's period of validity or within 30 days starting the day after it expires. Click here for more on refund fees and cancellation fees.
Remarks If the fare amount for the airplane ticket you purchased differs from the fare amount at the time of boarding, the difference will be charged or refunded.
The number of seats available on each flight is limited.
Online reservations and purchases Yes

* A passenger Facility Charge will be added at some airports.