Earn Points

Conditions for Earning Points

  • Boarding points : Gain 1 point per every JPY 100*1 spent on ticket purchases.
  • Bonus points *2 : Receive a gift of 100 points every 6 flights in the same year!
  • If you fly via a round trip fare or a Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO, the points you receive will be as follows.
    (The number of points you receive might be less than the number of points calculated on the basis of the ticket purchase amount.)

Example: In the case of a Round Trip Fare (outbound flight of JPY 29,520 / return flight of JPY 29,520 / total JPY 59,040) and a one way fare (JPY 31,080))

Points earned
after boarding outbound flight
(1) 310 points Points earned
after boarding return flight
(2) 279 points Total (1) + (2) 589Points

Number of points received after boarding the outbound flight

One way fare(JPY31,080) portion・・・(1)

Number of points received after boarding the return flight

Points equivalent to the round trip fare (¥59,040)amount minus the(1) one way fare portion(¥31,080):279points・・・(2)

Number of points received for round trip(total))

(1)310points + (2)279points = total589points

  • This information applies to all flights with an ADO flight number prefix boarded using a fare that qualifies for points. Flights with other airlines do not qualify, with the exception of flights that are transferred to another airline.
  • Fees do not earn points.
  • Only flights boarded by the My AIRDO member himself/herself earn points. You cannot earn points for flights boarded by someone other than a My AIRDO member, nor can your points be combined with someone else's.
  • *1 Only for fares that qualify for earning points. Excluding Passenger Facility Charge.
  • *2 Maximum of 500 points. Points are earned in late April of the following year.

Applicable Fares

Fare name Fare code Fare name Fare code
One way fare OW AIRDO Special 75 DV75X
Round trip fare WT AIRDO Special 55 DV55X
Child fare CH AIRDO Special 45 DV45X
Disability Discount Fare HF AIRDO Special 28 DV28X
DOMIN Fares DDF AIRDO Special 21 DV21X
Round Trip Fare From HOKKAIDO DWT DO Value 3 DV3AX, DV3BX, DV3CX
Specific Flight Children Discount Fare DVCH DO Value 1 DV1X
Job Hunting Support Discount Fare DSKS DO Sale DOSL
DO Youth 25 DY25 Welcome to HOKKAIDO Fare WELS
DO Senior 65 DS65X  
Shareholder Complimentary Discount Fare RPS50・RPS50C・RPS25・RPS25C  

Number of Flights and Bonus Points Added (Flights boarded using award ticket, Dynamic Packages, etc. do not qualify.)

Number of flights boarded per year
(Apr 1 - Mar 31 of the following year)
Bonus points
0-5 0
6-11 100
12-17 200
18-23 300
24-29 400
30+ 500
  • Flights boarded during the applicable period (Apr 1 - Mar 31 of the following year) and the number of flights reflected in your My Page account up to Apr 10 of the following year are counted. Please finish claiming your points soon afterward.
  • Flights boarded using fares that qualify for points are counted.
  • The number of flights boarded cannot be carried over to the following year.

Period of Validity for Points

  • Boarding points are valid for two years starting the day after the final boarding date. Your point balance is updated during that period every time you board a flight and claim the points in your My Page.
    • Earning points through your My Page can be done after noon on the day following the boarding date or later. If you haven't received your points yet, please carry out the procedure to claim your points.
  • Your points will not be updated for flights made using a fare that doesn't qualify for points.
  • Bonus points earned due to the number of flights boarded during the year are valid from the date they are earned until the end of the following fiscal year. (It is not updated.)
  • Bonus points earned through promotions have a separately specified period of validity. (It is not updated.)

How to Claim Points

1. Claiming points when making your reservation

If you enter your login ID to make your reservation after logging in to My AIRDO or the AIRDO website, you will automatically receive the points after noon on the day following the boarding date or later. If you register the login IDs of your fellow passengers making the reservation, they will also automatically receive points. To change your reservation, log in to My AIRDO and carry out the procedure.

2. Claiming points after boarding

If it is after noon the day following the boarding date and you haven't received your points, you should claim your points within 6 months* following the day after the boarding date.
Procedure for Claiming Points After Boarding

Points will not be received automatically in the following cases. You must log into My AIRDO in order to claim the points after boarding.

  • If you make the reservation without using your My Page or without entering your My AIRDO member ID
  • If you change your reservation through some means other than My Page
  • If you are transferred to a flight other than the flight you reserved by AIRDO (due to aircraft maintenance, for example)
  • System-related reasons, etc.
  • Please contact the My AIRDO service desk if you have any questions regarding the earning of points.
  • If you enter for a promotion, you should claim your points within the point claim period specified by the promotion.

Checking Points

After you log in to your My Page (Only available in Japanese), you can check your points by clicking "Point Statement / Period of Validity". You will also be informed of your point balance each month through our email newsletter.