Reservation Changes

Changing Reservations for award ticket

The boarding date and flight of your reservation can be changed from your My Page. You must carry out the procedure by the day prior to the departure of the flight you have reserved or the day prior to the departure of the new flight you wish to reserve, whichever is sooner. (You cannot change your reservation on the day of boarding.)

  • Award ticket you have received in exchange for points can be changed for 1 year following the reservation date (the day on which points were exchanged for the award ticket) or until the points expire, whichever deadline is sooner.

Procedure for Changing Reservations for award ticket

  • You cannot change the passenger's name, place of departure, or destination.
  • If, on the day of boarding, an earlier flight from that airport on the same route has seats available, you may board that flight. In such cases, you will not be charged or refunded the difference in points.
  • You cannot make a award ticket an open (non-reserved) ticket.
  • The Reservation and Information Center, My AIRDO desk, and AIRDO airport counter cannot change your reservation.

Deadline for Reservation Changes

Reserved flight Preferred flight Reservation changes accepted
Nov 10 Nov 8 Until Nov 7
Nov 10 Nov 12 Until Nov 9

Point Difference Adjustments

If the number of points required changes, even for the same route, the point difference will be charged or refunded. When you change your reservation, the number of points required for the boarding date of the changed reservation and points valid on that date will be applied.