「My AIRDO Login」

I've forgotten my login ID. What should I do?

Your email address (a), DOMIN Member number (b), or customer number (c) can be used as your login ID.

Email address (a):
The computer or mobile phone email address registered as your login ID.
DOMIN Member number (b):
A 7- or 8-digit number acquired from My Page.
If your DOMIN Member number has reached its expiry date or has passed its renewal period, it can no longer be used as the login ID, and your email address (a) must be used.
Customer number (c):
The 10-digit number on the front of the credit card company-issued AIRDO Card.

If you've lost or no longer have the credit card described above and do not know your customer number, please contact the issuing credit card company.
Partnering credit card company: Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited(Only available in Japanese)

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