Preventative Measures Regarding Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

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 Cases of pneumonia related to novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) have been reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China since December of last year, and cases of pneumonia have been comfirmed in Japan as well.
 AIRDO's handling in regard to this matter is as follows.

  • Wearing of Masks and Gloves by Flight Crew members
    Some flight crew members may wear masks and gloves in order to reassure passengers using our services.
  • Wearing of Masks by Airport Staff members
    Some airport staff members may wear masks in order to reassure passengers using our services.
  • Regarding the air conditioning inside our airplane cabins
    The airplanes flown by AIRDO use an air exchange system. This means that the air inside airplane cabins is normally fresh air obtained from outside the airplane that is circulated inside the airplane cabin and then released outside the airplane. Additionally, the airplanes flown by AIRDO are equipped with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters* that maintain the cleanliness of the air that circulates inside the airplane cabin.
    • * High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter: A high-efficiency filter that is able to capture at least 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns in size.
  • Carry-on and Check-in of Sanitizers
    The carry-on and check-in of the following sanitizer products is prohibited.
    • Applicable Products
      Sanitizers that are applied directly to the skin (including gel-type ones) are permitted for both carry-on and check-in.

There are no restrictions in place for other types of sanitizers at present, but this may change going forward.

Mar 3, 2020

AIRDO Co., Ltd.

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