Boarding procedure

  • - Please proceed to the security check point at least 15 minutes before departure.
  • - You can get a ticket issuance notice on the very day of your flight.


At airport counter or by automated check-in machine / Purchasing machine
Any one of ADO e-ticket customer copy, credit card and reservation number and confirmation number is required to check-in.
ADO ticket issuance notice Touch here 
Requirement to check-in
Any one of the following is required to check-in.
  • ・ Credit Card used to pay for your ticket (Card holder himself must come.)
  • ・ Confirmation number and reservation number
  • ・ E ticket receipt printed the two-dimensional barcode

The Security checkpoint

At least 15 minutes before departure

Touch your ADO ticket issuance notice and go

  • - Some boarding passes may not be issued and they may be issued at boarding gate.
  • - This boarding pass is required to record point after your flight.

boarding gate

At least 10 minutes before departure.

Touch your ADO ticket issuance notice and go

  • - Please keep your boarding pass. Nothing will be issued at
    boarding gate as a general rule.
In case you forget bringing requirement to check in.
  • ・ In case you forget bringing requirement to check in (Credit card or confirmation number etc.), we confirm a public document※ of a passenger on the very day of boarding.
  • - Public document・・・driverʼ s license, passport, health insurance card, residence certificate
    (within 6 months from date of issue )
  • ・ In case we confirm your identification, we accept your boarding procedure after letting you fill the document of receipt.
  • - In case you paid by credit card without security code authentication over the internet or reservation/information center, we may not handle it.
    We may confirm the transaction to Credit Card Company.
  • ・ In case we cannot confirm your identification, you must buy new ticket in fare which is available on the very day of the flight.

Connection information

[Connection to ANA Group domestic flight or Solaseed Air flight]
For connecting passengers to (from) ANA Group domestic flight or Solaseed Air flight, please Let the clerk know in checking in at the departure airport for the first leg of your journey. Your baggage will be checked through to your final destination.

- Include Star Flyer flights

The following is required for domestic connections at the same airport.

Domestic flight ⇔ Domestic flight
(Connection Between ADO ANA SNA Group minimum connecting time flights)
Haneda Airport other airport
Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Solaseed Air
At least 20 minutes
At least 50 minutes At least 25 minutes  
  • ・ Free shuttle bus service between terminals is available.
  • ・ Please make inquiries about the minimum connecting time to/from non-ANA Group flights and
    non- Solaseed Air flights.
  • ・ Our company do not work together with except ANA and Solaseed Air.
    In case that you cannot make your connection to other companyʼ s flight at arrival airport, we does not
    take responsibility for it.
    Please prepare plenty transfer time in advance.

In Star Flyer flights, Terminal will be changed depending on flights.

Terminal 1
Flights to/from of Kita Kyushu Airport
Terminal 1 A*  
Flights to/from of Kansai Airport, Fukuoka Airport and Yamaguchi Ube Airport.