Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage

Baggage can be checked-in
  • ・ A baggage which is up to 32 kilograms and total linear dimensions is less than 203 centimeter may be checked in.
  • ・ Up to 100 kilograms may be checked in per passenger.
    There is no limit to the number of bags that may be checked in.
  • ・ Don’ t check in your baggage which photograph film in.
Weight and charge
  • ・ Check-in items up to a total of 20 kilograms per person is free of charge.
  • ・ If the total of check-in items exceeds 20 kilograms, baggage up to 100 kilograms per passenger may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
Excess weight Charge
1 ~ 10kg 2,500JPY
11 ~ 20kg 3,500JPY
21 ~ 30kg 4,500JPY
By 10kg +1,000JPY
  • ・ If total trilateral length of your baggage is more than 203 centimeter, please let AIR DO reservation/information center in advance. When there is not enough storage space, your baggage may not be accepted.
  • ・ Skis, golf bags, fishing tackle, and other such sporting equipment are handled like ordinary checked in items. The total weight of checked baggage exceeds 20 kilograms and up to 100 kilograms may be checked in for an excess baggage fee.
  • - Please come to the airport earlier and check in it earlier if you bring a bicycle, because it may take time to check in.

At the baggage claim

Upon arrival of destination, confirm your "baggage claim tag" by yourself. Please make sure not to pick up baggage of another person by mistake. Please hand the baggage claim tag to the clerk at the Arrivals exit gate.

When you notice the damage, please report to airport staff immediately. After leaving the arrival airport, please declare the damage within 7 days of the next day receiving your baggage.
Please note that after deadline of declaration, we may not handle it.

Please note that some items including the following may not be eligible for compensation.

  • ・ Damage to baggage from excess weight or over packing,
  • ・ Damage caused by defects in the baggage itself such as from aging
  • ・ Loss of protruding parts such as detachable wheels/straps/hooks/name tags/belts or other attached items
  • ・ Minor damage such as scuffs, cuts, dents and dirt.

Restricted Items

  • 1 Cash, jewelry, precious metals, securities, bills of exchange, works of art and antiques, watches, cameras and fragile items like glass product should be carried with you and not included in your checked-in baggage.
    AIRDO will not be liable for any damage and loss for the items above.
  • 2 The maximum amount of compensation for the baggage and personal belongings which value has not been declared in advance is up to 150,000 per passenger. Please consult ANA staff at the check-in counter for a special exception of the Excess Value Charge. If the actual value of items should exceed 150,000, as long as you pay excess value charge of 10JPY per 10,000JPY, your declaration value will be indemnity limit.
    Compensation does not exceed real price. Please note that this dispensation is applicable only when AIR DO has a responsibility for the damage and it is not different from insurance system.
  • 3 So as not to leak water, please bring your plastic bottle as a carry-on item and place it under the front seat.

Electric devices

To avoid operating the flight, please switch off all electronic devices when electronic devices are in your check-in baggage

For customers with kid’ s cellular phone types which turn on the power periodically to send their position to the ground station even when the power is turned off, please set "completely power off" function, or release the setting and turn off the main power.