Senior 65 Special

Same-day discounts on empty seats for customers age 65 and older!

Senior 65 Special Senior 65 Special

Cost of fare

2019,Aug 20 - 2020,Mar 28

One flat price for all routes

JPY 13,100

  • ※The fare amount varies for some periods.
    (Dec 13th - 2020,Jan 5th:JPY 16,300.
    2020,Mar 13th - Mar 28th:JPY 16,300.)
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    All routes
    Aug 20th - Dec 12th JPY 13,100
    Dec 13th - 2020,Jan 5th JPY 16,300
    2020,Jan 6th - Mar 12th JPY 13,100
    2020,Mar 13th - Mar 28th JPY 16,300

    How to Use the Senior 65 Special

    STEP 1
    Visit the AIRDO counter at the airport of departure on the day of departure.

    STEP 2
    Tell the clerk your destination and which flight you would like to take. (The clerk will check for seat availability.)

    STEP 3
    If there are enough seats available, you may carry out the boarding procedure.Please present official identification that verifies your age.
    Click here for more information on identification.

    Examples of identification that are accepted


    You cannot make an advance reservation online or through the Reservation Center.
    This can only be used if open seats are available on the day of boarding. Click here for information on the DO Senior 60 fare, which allows reservations.

    If there are few available seats but we expect seats to remain available until departure, we will let you proceed with the boarding procedure.
    Please check with the airport counter on the day of departure to find out seat availability.

    If the flight is full, you will be put on standby, but you will be placed at the bottom of the priority list for available seats.
    Regardless of the order in which customers are processed, customers with fares that allow reservations will be given priority. Click here for more information on standby.

    Reservations obtained in advance using other fares cannot be transferred to Senior 65 Special.
    For example, you cannot cancel a reservation for a "one way fare" on the day of departure and then go through the procedure for a "Senior 65 Special".