Only for customers
who have reserved AIRDO tickets

Airport Access

A new route search tool for more convenient travel,
providing you with a seamless travel experience.

  • Smooth travel by searching routes according to flight reservations.
  • You can buy tickets at even better deals!

Features of Access Navi

  • Point1

    Search routes according to your own flight reservations!

    Simply enter your departure or destination points and we will guide you to the best routes to and from the airport.

  • Point2

    All the information you need when traveling by air available in real time!

    Check the terminal, security checkpoint, boarding gate number and flight operation information for the day.
    Check the changed departure and arrival times in real time even when there is a delay.

  • Point3

    Book transportation to the airport as well!

    Affiliation with ground transportation services such as trains, buses, and taxis, enables you to make reservations to get to the airport.
    ※*Only with some affiliated transportation agencies.
    Please check the affiliated services for details.

  • Point4

    Discount tickets available!

    You can purchase discount tickets only at Airport Access Navi.
    *Only with some affiliated transportation agencies.
    Please check the affiliated services for details.


How to Use Access Navi

  • STEP1

    Click on the Reservation Details button on this page.

  • STEP2

    Enter your reservation information.

  • STEP3

    From the Reservation Details screen, click on "Directions to Airport" or "Directions from Airport"!

  • STEP4

    Input criteria for Access Navi.

    For departure search, fill in the "Departure Location" field and set the Airport Arrival Time.
    For arrival search, fill in the "Destination" field only.
    It is also possible to switch between departure and arrival searches and to enter transfer points.

  • STEP5

    Airport Access Navi Result List

    Multiple possible routes displayed.Select the route you wish to check in detail.

  • STEP6

    Airport Access Navi result details

    Check the route according to your flight.

Affiliated Services

Airport Access Navi search result screen

In addition to the route guidance to the airport according to the departure and arrival time of your reserved flight, you can also check terminal information, security checkpoints, airport map, boarding gate number, flight status, and other information.
The information available varies depending on the flight. The period of time for which the information is available is limited.
Reference: This is the Japanese version of the service screen.

Latest AIRDO flight operation information display

Terminal number, latest departure and arrival times, flight cancellation information, boarding gate, arrival exit (Haneda Airport only), nearest security checkpoint (Haneda Airport only)

Reservations and payments for affiliated services

Available ground transportation and various services are displayed in the search results. Reservations and payments can be made seamlessly from the reservation button or banner.
Note: ANA miles are eligible for various types of mileage information, and AIRDO points are not eligible.

Recommended environment for using Airport Access Navi


Browser: Google Chrome (latest version), Safari (latest version)


OS/iOS 11 or later, Android 5.0 or later
Browser: Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version)