Issuance of Security Certificates and Boarding Information Slips

With the aim of strengthening airport security, all passengers are given a Security Certificate in the security inspection area and a Boarding Information slip at the boarding gate.
When passing through the security inspection and the boarding gate, be sure to receive each of the papers. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Date of Application

Boarding dates from December 1, 2016

Timing of Issuance and Types of Papers

When passing through the security inspection When passing through the boarding gate
The Security Certificate is handed to all passengers The Boarding Information slip is handed to all passengers
  • Notes:
    •The Security Certificate may be verified at the boarding gate. Be sure to keep it with you until arriving at the destination.
  • •Use of the previously handed out white receipt-type Boarding Information slip has been discontinued.
  • •If you touch "Infant Papers", both an Infant Security Certificate and Infant Boarding Information slip will be printed.

Procedures up to Boarding

  • Learn about the SKiP Service here.
  • Click here if you need to complete the airport boarding procedure.