Reservation Changes for Delayed and Canceled Flights Now Possible Online or Using ANA Self Service Check-in Machines!

Customer Feedback

  • I was told that I could change my reservation on the website if a flight was delayed or canceled, but the method of changing it is hard to figure out.
  • It's inconvenient that I have to go to the airport counter for the boarding procedure of a changed flight.
  • It's unfair that people who don't have a PC or smartphone have to wait in the long line for the airport counter.


We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused.
As of January 21, 2017, customers with a reserved flight that is disrupted can change their reservations using the AIRDO website*1 or the ANA self service check-in machines*1.
Furthermore, the boarding procedure for a changed reservation now allows passengers to proceed straight to the security inspection without visiting the airport counter or an ANA self service check-in machine if they meet the usage requirements for SKiP Service*2.

How to Change Flights in the Event of a Disruption to a Reserved Flight

  • *1 Reservation changes are sometimes not possible using the AIRDO website or ANA self service check-in machines, depending on the fare, method of payment, and location of purchase.
  • *2 SKiP Service is a registered trademark of ANA.

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