Company Profile

We AIRDO Pursuit safety as an absolute mission and make a contribution to development of local community as “Wing of HOKKAIDO”.

About AIR DO

Since 1998, AIR DO has been connecting HOKKAIDO and any destinations in Japan's main island as “Wing of HOKKAIDO”. Our customers not only in Hokkaido but also in all Japan support us as an airline providing “low price, convenient, comfortable” services.
We provide free drink and free audio services keeping low price.
We try to extend “Hospitality in HOKKAIDO” to our customers providing in-flight sales which is specific about HOKKAIDO and library service about books written about HOKKAIDO and so on.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
AIRDO Co., Ltd.
Nishi 2-chome 9 kita 1-jo Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL:011-252-5533 FAX:011-252-5580
November, 1996
As of Dec.16 2013


number of employees
: 954
average age
: 37.3
  • 1) Number of employees include workers from outside
  • 2) Number of employees exclude executive officers, just-in-time employee, part-timers and dispatched workers.
As of Apr.1 2015

Representative Director, President

Yasuhisa Tani
As of June 29, 2015